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1 hour ago, quang said:

It took me 15 minutes to do this with only the ICM 1/32 WASP figure as reference. Just to show how the method works.


1- White Milliput balls just prior to be kneaded



2-Milliput thoroughly mixed


3-Rolled into a thin sheet. With plenty of talcum powder


4-Piece of foam representing the ‘casualty’.

5- Milliput sheet cut to shape


6- Fold edges. Edges can be worked for 30minutes while the Mill hardens.
Will fully cure overnight after which it can de drilled, sanded and painted as you wish.



If you have any question, just shoot.



I never thought about talcum powder!


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19 hours ago, Pete Fleischmann said:

The trick with Apoxie Sculpt is to wait a bit before working it. Also, they make a chemical in a dropper bottle that you apply while you are forming to help smooth it out- you can get it really thin-

Im away from the bench right now, but I’ll try to remember to dig out that chemical for you-


However; you might be able to scratch that out of lead foil formed over a wood master-



Sounds like a plan. Now I just need to make a female Franken figure victim to put in it.



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