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OV-10D reference photos

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Here are some close up photos of an OV-10D at Chino airport.  The airplane is newly refurbished by these guys:  https://www.ov10squadron.com/

It's clean enough to eat off of.  One thing to keep in mind while referencing these photos is that this airplane was originally an OV-10A that was converted into an OV-10D.  It then sat in a field for a few years and was later refurbished and civilianized.















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Very nice!  I have plenty more photos from this weekend taken at Chino and March Field.  Folland Gnat, KC-97, KC-135, P-26, SR-71, D-21 + trailer, and lots of one or two per subject.

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14 hours ago, LSP_K2 said:

Perhaps we can copy these to the walk around section of the site?


14 hours ago, daveculp said:

Sure.  Didn't know we had one :)


14 hours ago, LSP_K2 said:


Yep, it's right here.


6 minutes ago, Uncarina said:



For some reason this link is asking for my admin password.



Yeah, I think Kev may have accidentally put a link up to the admin section of the site.


I think this is what you are looking for:  LSP Walkarounds

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