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Airfix 1:24 Mosquito NFII - The All Black(s) Finished!


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Hi all. Here's my latest project completed. It's a commission build for a black, early Mosquito NFII night fighter from Airfix's excellent 1:24 kit. The all black finish and the night fighter variant, plus the fact its new owner wanted it in "flying" mode means there's not masses to see but it provided a good challenge in the painting, trying to make it look not black while trying to make it look....well, black!

The cockpit gave plenty of scope for detailing and fine paintwork but was actually very well detailed OOB. Painting used the "black basing" principle of Doog,s Models, adapted for an all black plane.

Link to the build is here: 

. As ever all comments gratefully received and thanks for taking the time to look.



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9 minutes ago, mozart said:

Lovely model Craig, well done.....but I have to mention the ailerons, they can’t both be in the up position. Hope they’re not fixed yet!

Not fixed yet. In too much of a rush to get the photos done before I left for Italy 

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Really really well done mate!  That kit is one heck of a beast to wrestle.  BUT my word they are impressive to look at built up!


I like the way you did the black in your build log....always love seeing this kit being built


Cheers Anthony

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