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Seafire Mk 47 conversion

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7 minutes ago, Scotsman said:

conversion .. Hmm .. Or a complete kit?



Good question!   Depending on price, Id be down for a whole kit. One cant expect it to be cheap, but a well done 47 would be worth having. 

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On 6/9/2019 at 7:57 PM, wunwinglow said:

There is a fabulous conversion on line from a Tamiya Spitfire, awesome indeed. And yes, it was a LOT of work.... 



It is truly superb and a great inspiration but as Airfix with their 1:48th he's made the assumption that the cowling side panels are the same as those without the chin scoop and consequently the scoop is too large ( Airfix a lot worse ) I got this licked by taking a close look at a Griffon Spit with the side cowlings off when I drew up the Seafang nose which apart from the upper cowling is of the same form and the scoop lines tuck right in behind the prop, if you put the side cowlings of a Seafire 47 on a MK 24 there would be a tapered gap at the front end.


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On 6/13/2019 at 6:50 AM, Out2gtcha said:

Even though I do have the FD conversion, as has been noted it does not cover everything, and if Iconicair put a Mk 47 conversion out Id definitely have to find a way to pick one up.    The Seafire is just tooooo cool. 

+1! I have the Sea Fang and it is really nice!

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