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F-117A Nighthawk exhaust

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I need some help...

Some time ago I've started Trumpy's Nighthawk. Simple build - complicated paint job but worst of all are those flat exhaust.

I was not able to find any good reference photos - well there is a lot of them actually but most of them is small, bad quality, photoshoped etc.

On those which are quite good exhaust looks very different, from something brownish rusty thought dirty whites to shining metal.


Please help as model went quite well and I do not want to ruin the whole effect with bad exhaust.

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Yep, that’s what I was affraid of. 


KRL, I saw picture of yours Nighthawk on Modelwork, but forum is currently unavailable due to migration. 

Could post some pictures here?

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1 godzinę temu, Gelerth powiedział:

Tak, właśnie tym obszychłem. 


KRL, Widziałem Twój Nighthawk na modelach, ale forum jest teraz niedostępne z powodu migracji. 

Czy chcesz się już wydać i umieścić kilka zdjęć?




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