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  1. I did similar for my Su-25 base but plaster not resin and in various shapes as I'm not sure what combination use.
  2. Yep, that’s what I was affraid of. KRL, I saw picture of yours Nighthawk on Modelwork, but forum is currently unavailable due to migration. Could post some pictures here?
  3. I need some help... Some time ago I've started Trumpy's Nighthawk. Simple build - complicated paint job but worst of all are those flat exhaust. I was not able to find any good reference photos - well there is a lot of them actually but most of them is small, bad quality, photoshoped etc. On those which are quite good exhaust looks very different, from something brownish rusty thought dirty whites to shining metal. Please help as model went quite well and I do not want to ruin the whole effect with bad exhaust.
  4. Thank you Urs. True. Well, in fact looking for some more photos of the real postument I found two versions of this plane. One was just right after blue camo was painted. Colors were crazy and the whole plane looked really unnatural with bright blue. :-D Second one was some time after the first one where colors were faded. But even then, plane was looking very good, without rust, streaks, etc. I prefered the second one, but I've added some streaks only. ;-) Thank you very much D.B. I'm really glad that you like my work.
  5. Thanks John. I could not find any resin intake here in Poland that's why I decided to do a kit's one. Thank you Harv. In the meantime I'v upgraded a canon as kit's one was terrible: And started shading bombs and missiles: as well as resin parts:
  6. Here you go: Thank you Bill. I haven't noticed such streaks on the real plane on monument, that's why I didn't add them to my model. Thank you very much.
  7. Thank you Sir. For kind words and great idea for final photo. I'm not sure why I didn't thought about it.
  8. I must say that I'm not sure how I did it. It just happened but thank you very much for your kind words. I'm always saying to myself that next one will be OOB but somehow in magical way some aftermarket addons are found on my workbench. ;-) Go ahead and start your Flogger - it was a very nice build. Model is very good in my opinion. Iain - thank you very much. It was the hardest thing to recreate and I was not sure how to do it. Then I just put some wash then push the tissue folded in four to the wing and start moving the wing. I repeat this process 3-4 time for every part of wing until I decided that's enough. Thank you Kev. I'm very happy. Thank you. You build 270 planes?!? WOW, that's something I would not expect. Congatulation. I do not think I will live long enough to get close to 200. Thank you very much.
  9. Finally Aires set arrived. I tried to fit whell wells, so I had to cut some of the plastic, but it looks promising: I had to get rid also the imitation of front well from the air intake: I cut also some to the parts in the exhaust cover. I will try to do them from the proper size piece of HIPS: Air intake was painted before gluing as later I wouldn't be able to paint it properly: It will be hard to sand this putty:
  10. Thank you very much. Hie Kev. Thank you for very nice comment. Yes, of course you can publish it. Thanks again. Big thanks Jay. Dziękuję bardzo.
  11. Thank you very much Alan for your comment. Of course you can choose what option suits you best. I like it too, however the monument plane has something mesmerizing in it. Thank you very much Chuck. I'm happy that you like my work.
  12. Thank you Jarda. Big thanks Harvey. Thank you very much Rod. Thanks. Thank you very much Thunda. I'm glad that you like my ideas.
  13. Thank you very much Lothar. Thank you Peter. John, thank you. I'ts nice to read that my work became inspiration for you. I know that your model will be very good.
  14. Thank you all. Please also take a look at the photos of finished model: http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=60087&hl=
  15. Somehow I managed to get to the end of journey with quite good model ofTrumpeter's MiG-23. I've add resin set from Aires (cockpit, exhaust, whell bays etc), air scoops from Quickboost, Pitot and statis dischargers from Master and questionable wheels from Armory. Also I did some wiring to the engine and to the landing gear. Additionaly I used a countless number of magnets used as well on aircrafe frame and wings and on pylons/missiles/bombs etc. Reason for this that model, camo scheme and base were inspired by a photo of a real monument with MiG bort 96. Usually such aricrafts do not have any armament so I've decided to do payload as a plug and play. In this way you can attach any kind of bomb or missile you want in variuos combination as I did almost 30 different weapons. It was quite occupying task but effect if very interesting. Additionally the whole rear part of plane can be detached and set on the cart to show engine and it's mounting. Finally the part of the base with monument can be removed showing another version of base with the imitation of asphalt airfield How I did? You have to decide. It's a 27th model in my career but only 7th plane. Please watch and comment:
  16. I'm fighting with armament adding putty, sanding and again putty and again sanding... We all know this: Exhaust cover is very poor detailed: As well as exhaust itself: Air intake is also very bad: And after dry fit I'm wondering how I will sand it with my chubby fingers:
  17. Thank you very much Jim. Thank you Kevin. In the meantime I've add some dirt and striking. I think it's enough, I do not want to overdo: I've made my own static grass applicator and I tried it on the base: And with some different versions of teeth: I'm still waiting for the base and glue to dry, that's why I think that final photos will be in new year. Now enjoy your Christmas time with family and friend and have a wonderful time.
  18. I'm slowly finishing my MiG so it was time to pick up a new challenge. For a moment I thought about Tomcat but I get rid of this idea pretty quick. I almost decided for a F-117 but I have no clue how to paint it. This black camo frighten me very much. Finally I decided to switch to A-7. Quite ugly but eye-catching. I'm not sure about camo - I'm thinking about SEA version wrap around which is without light gray belly. I'm also waiting for an Aires set so in the meantime I started from armament. I chosed 12 Mk.82, 2 GBU-10, 2 Aim-9B and two drop tanks. Stay tuned - more pictures soon.
  19. Thanks John. I have to finish base first. It's almost done but I have to add some more grass around monument. Thank you very much Harv.
  20. It's been some time after last update. Shame to say but model after gloss lacquer was put aside as I just could not resist and do not open/start Smerch model from Meng. Finally time had come to finish MiG. I did some wash on the bottom side, gluing also gear struts: And started wash on top: After this I've painted exhaust nozzle:
  21. John, thank you and I think you are totally right and I know that I'm using this method too often, but I always try to cover the black preshaded elements as much as possible. To level when black is barely visible. Sometime ago I used other metods like cloud painting or panel highlight but so far (unfortunately) preshading gives best results. I know it is easy to create a look where model is or looks like a cheap toy and it can destroy few weeks work. Jim, thank you. I did this for the first time as I wrote, and the only thing needed is a sharp knife and sure hand as I cut them without ruler only by hand. Thank you for the tip with the brush. Those imperfecions are barely visible on model as the total height of numbers is around 22mm/0,9". Unfortunately on photo which is taken close to the model those flaws are upsized. I will try to correct them soon. Thank you very much Matt. Thank you Martin. Thank you. Just before the weekend I managed to paint chaff/flares ejectors: And for the long time I was thinking how to do a nose cone. I did it like this:
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