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Rick Griewski

On the Road Repair Kit for Contest Models

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I am planing to bring model(s) to the next IPMS Nationals.  What do you guys bring along to make repairs before and during the contest?  Which type of repairs did you make, feel that were or are worth the "gamble" or repairs you plan for?  How do you strike a balance?  What do you pack the kit in; a small fishing tackle box?


Thanks in advance for your thoughts.



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1 hour ago, Ryan said:

White cloth gloves, a duster of sorts.tooth picks, super glue, white glue.


Sprue nippers to have fun with purchases in the hotel room!


Yupp, sprue nippers are essential.   I also bring single edge razor blades, razor saw, a few sanding sticks and Tamiya tape.   A few kits have been packed cleaned up and taped together and ready for the bench at home.  The hotel cleaning staff must wonder about a trash can full  of discarded sprues.  LOL



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