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Where's That Elusive 1/32 "Early" B-17G From HK?

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With the news of HK re-releasing their 1/32 B-17G (late), I got to thinking again about them releasing a B-17G (early). Really all we're talking is new waist windows, and a F-style nose cone without gun ports, correct? All the other pieces exist between the G kit and the E/F kit. Just have to mix a few of them together in one box.


What got me thinking today specifically was a neat way to box what would be a greatly popular kit. Why not do a "Century" boxing covering several early B-17G's that completed over 100 missions? Perhaps pick three interesting ones? According to what I've found online, there were approximately 60 airframes that completed 100+ missions, several of which were early B-17G's with the standard waist, standard "stinger" tail, and chin turret.


If I were to pick "my three" for the kit markings, I would select the following:


B-17G 42-32095 "Ack-Ack Annie", 91st BG/322nd BS (LG-L), touted to be the 91st BG's first NMF B-17, and completed 143 missions.




B-17G 42-97323 "Begin the Beguine- She Dood It", 381st BG/534 BS (transfer from the 306th BG)




B-17G 42-31730 "Morning Star" aka "Tail End Charlie", 401st BG/613th BS (IN-O), OD over NG.




What say you? What would your three be? Thought this might be a fun thread :-)

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