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Tornado Help (Decals, Etc)

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I'm currently building the Revell 1/32 Tornado and am converting it to a GR4.

The specific aircraft that I'm doing has an anniversary scheme, but there are no decals available for it in this scale, however, there are some in 1/48.


So, what I would like to ask is that as I have the decals for this scheme in 1/48 scale, what is the percentage that I need to enlarge them by on a photocopier so I can use the enlarged copy as a mask to spray with?


Unless thee is someone out there who can make a set of decals or masks for me in quick time as this is a birthday present on 7th May for a serving airman!


I cant post an image as it won't let me on my iPad, but the aircraft is ZA456, Black Tail with a big Green/Yellow Bat emblem on it.


Thanks in advance for your help.

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Pretty sure that particular scheme hasn't been done in 32nd , probably because there aren't any OOB GR4 kits out there  I'm afraid.


I sympathize  with you , I've built one GR4, using the markings for 2003 Operation Telic , and a GR-1B by bodging together  some 617 marking from the original RAF Tornado boxing.


There are , according to Hannants , no Tornado aftermarket sets , apart from the old Flightpath Desert Storm set , so for the time being , its a long empty winding road from Tornado modelers , but with the Italeri kit on the horizon, hopefully , things might start to change 



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Cracking scheme! I have some vacformed Hindenberger tanks with 3D printed fins and shackles (Formlabs, so they look like injection moulded parts, honestly!!)  if you need them, although the RAF versions of the kit included them as well as the standard ones. I am still fine tuning some other parts, but they are not really ready yet. I need to give up sleeping.... PM me if interested. 



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