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Italeri Nieuport 17 'Billy Bishop'


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The generosity of the people on this site never ceases to amaze me.  Kevin (LSP_Typhoonattack) sent me his full sheet of Nieuport 17 decals which included the set for Billy Bishop, so I'm back underway with this build - thanks Kevin!!  


Here is the obligatory box shot:




And the decals Kevin so kindly sent (the bottom is not shown and are Russian markings).  I really needed the fuselage markings, the Canadian Maple Leaf, and the rudder markings.  All impossible to find:



All silver aircraft (my last build was all black - I may be getting into a Monotone rut here...).  I always rig the fuselage lines before putting the two halves together - much easier than trying to add later.  That does require painting (and sometimes decaling) the side of the fuselage before assembly as well, but in this case, taking care of the top and bottom seams was not that much of a problem.



The struts fit very well and this is probably the easiest time I've had aligning top and bottom wings.  I did follow the instructions exactly (not that it was very complicated..) and it fit perfectly.



This aircraft was not really marked up in any particularly interesting way, just done very simply, but the markings are still unique in terms of the font for the letter and numbers, how the tail number is painted and of course, the Canadian Maple Leaf next to the cockpit. Hard to see in this picture but I cut out and inserted a 'glass' windshield in that triangular 'A' pillar.




Will shoot a clear coat after the decals have dried.  A little tricky with the rigging but should be ok.


What I really liked about this aircraft is the blue (oh maybe this should have been in the Color Me Blue group build?).  This is actually Vallejo's Arctic Blue Metallic and I really like how it comes across.  In various pictures of this aircraft, Billy Bishop's plane seems to have sported some very pretty blue so hopefully this is pretty close.


Before the serial number decals...



And after:

The white surround of the lettering is one of the characteristics of this aircraft (and maybe others of the group) that I think is rather unique.



Front and back of the wheels.  The tyre color is my now-standard go to for rubber:  Vallejo's RLM66 Black Grey.  It just looks right to my eye.  Still want to so a black wash to pull out the rigging and the eyelets.




And the engine, mostly to be hidden in the blue cowling.



Ok, next stop is the landing gear rigging, and then on to the wings!


Thanks for looking, comments welcomed!



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Like the SPAD, looks great so far!


As you've discovered, the "V-Strutter" Biplanes like the Nieuport's generally assemble with the least amount of hassle.


Another smart move on your part is to not "overload" the kit with AM stuff and a bunch of "just so" corrections which some have tended to bog themselves down with.



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Got the rigging done this evening, using thin EZ Line.  I need to find better ways to get it anchored.  One of these days!





For some reason, this time the line appears thinner than when I used it before.  It is pulled fairly tight.






Have some weathering to do for sure, mostly to knock down the shine even though this is wearing a flat coat.

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