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Pearl 2017...Final Reveal

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Wait.......another build.....another PUBLIC build......what madness is this then?




Well I am finishing up an article for consideration to a magazine and the P-40B is currently in between video sessions.  Now is also the time where I begin to look towards December 7 and what that means.  This year I have gone solo again and so my only deadline is the finish line.  This is not for submission.  This is for me.


First up is the subject.  Kind of my holy grail build.  




The 1/72 Special Hobby B-18.  For this I will need to pull out a few tricks as the decals will need modification.  The build itself will be out of box.  




The journey begins......






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Hello Joe,


An interesting little project which will be quite fun to follow.


I think I will be following this one for sure. By the way,that little blue circle with a female figure in it... is she running or holding a torch or what?




I also quite like it's name BOLO ( cop slang for be on look out... how perfect).


Good luck and look forward to seeing your work Sir.



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I've always seen the Bolo as a bomber version of the C-47.  It has a lot of similar features.  Too bad one's not available in 1/48.  I'd get one for sure.


Best regards


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Many thanks all for looking in.


To be honest I am not sure about the figure.  I had not looked that closely as I do not intend to use it.





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Clunkmeister you are correct.  It was a combo of the DC-3 and -4.  




Well here is a quick follow up to the intro.


I would show you a couple of pictures of the sprue but to be honest I dislike those as they really show nothing.  For myself I like to see some progress.


As the title says it is the beginning.  


First up, I rarely do things as the instructions call for.  Just not how I build.  This build is no different.  Because of the amount of clear in the fuselage the first thing I want to tackle is to get the exterior paint and the interior paint out of the way.  To that end I wanted to try something different.  Tone variants by changing the base color.  I used Testor Gloss Gray, Model Master US Navy Gray, and Testor Creatix Gloss Black.  I picked out some panels to try it out.










I then sprayed Alclad Chrome.





While this dried I played some with the interior.






And with some paint.





Next up will be to get some color on the interior walls and then move on to the clear parts.



All comments, critiques, and criticism is encouraged.





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Coool!    Im always amazed when guys can put paint on before the end (or in this case before the start!) of construction. I have had ZERO luck with that.


How do you handle seams and what not, like when the fuselage is joined when the chrome is already applied?  Do you sand out the seam and re-shoot more chrome?

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Brian I am breaking the most fundamental of rules in the hobby.  You always assemble fuselage and wings prior to painting.  With planning and a great deal of caution it can be done though.  I plan to use the panel lines to my advantage.  I will mask off and then spray and hopefully it will show as just another variation in the tone of the metal look.





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Well folks everything was moving along smoothly.  


The interior went in with no fuss.  Although way off it will work when all the "glass" is installed.






The fuselage looked to be a pretty simple project to close up.







And then the honeymoon came to an abrupt end.  Well crashing halt.  Well total and complete standstill for a while.  


The OH MY GOD, ARE YOU KIDDING ME moment came when I attempted to attach the wings to the fuselage.  It was just as a bad joke.  


The carnage...





Not too bad you say???  Well to compliment that after a lot of sanding to try to get the engine nacelles to fit this was the best I could get....






Now the best part, no picture of this though, after much use of adult language I test fit the stabilizers and they fit a dream with little to no seam.  I was fit to be tied.  


Well after a trip to the big city on Saturday I was able to obtain some Apoxie Sculpt and so that is now drying, thinking I didnt mix it exactly right, and that should fix my gap issue but holy crap that was a large gap.


More on this soon.



All comments, critiques, and criticism are encouraged.






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Great job so far, actually. I really like it and the fuselage clos dip well. Tough luck on the wings though. A couple hours with some styrene and fillerwill fix it, but hourfinish will take a hit

Judging by your work so far, though, you'll just breeze through it with no issues.

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I've always liked this underdog. It did surprisingly well against U-boats. I have a question though: The B-18 was based on the DC-2. Where does the -3 & -4 come into play? Curious. Tough luck on the parts fit. Keep up the good work!

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