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MaestroModels(print) MIM-23B Hawk Missile in 1/32 for F-14A

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If you ever wondered how to arm your Iranian Air Force F-14 and you have run out of AIM-54s. Wonder no more!

Do as the Iranians did and hang one or two Raytheon HAWKS under it =)


As it happens I can provide you with those Hawks!


They are available from my Shapeways shop (in 1/48 scale as well, but who cares, right?)




For those wanting to take a closer look on images of the 3D model they can be found here: 





And if you want to read more about the story behind this there is some information here: http://theboresight.blogspot.se/2015/08/iran-satellites-and-tomcats.html (scroll down a bit)



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While browsing i fount this page about the Iranian Hawk project:




Oh... I added the 1/72 option as well (donthatemeIcanaddan1to24onetomakeupforit)




Edit! I reposted the earlier link oops, the correct one has high tech testing facilities like this: 


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Wouldnt a cast version based off the Shapways prototype be like a heap cheaper?

Great idea for a release but the orice is a major stumbling block so a way to produce them in numbers other than via shapeways ie cast iff your original will net you far more orders than trying to sell shapeways ones.

Great idea and nice looking Cad!

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