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spitfire mk IX tamiya 1/32

jean luc

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here is a second current spitfire
it s  a Polish Skalski Circus
hunting unit composed of Polish pilots who fought in the Royal Air Force in North Africa in 1943.
In view of preparations for the landing, the Allied Command was obliged to gain experience in the cooperation between the army and the air force. In 1943, it was only in North Africa that the British Army is fighting against the Wehrmacht. RAF decided to send there the Polish pilots for the Polish squadrons were equipped with better version of Spitfire than their British counterparts and Poles already had extensive combat experience.
Another reason to send fighter pilots in Tunisia is to offer them the opportunity to fight with the Luftwaffe, which in this phase of the war was scarce in the sky of England. In these circumstances was born the Polish Fighting Team. 68 pilots volunteer, the top 15 are selected. The commander of the unit is Stanisław Skalski and the liaison officer, Tadeusz Rolski. 12 February 1943 Team comes together and begins preparations to leave England. Fifteen days later aviators embark in Glasgow to get to Oran on 4 March. The Team is officially assigned to 145 Squadron RAF, March 15, he received the planes and the next day the pilots fly the first reconnaissance flights.
combat missions begin on 17 March. The Poles won their first victory on 28 March, the captain and Lieutenant Skalski Horbaczewski down each a Ju 88. On April 6 Horbaczewski shot down a Bf 109, but he himself is hit, it still manages to land in Gabes. April 18, Lieutenant Wyszkowski pursuing an enemy plane and away from his training, his Spitfire was damaged by flak, Wyszkowski arises from the German side, wounded and was taken prisoner.
On April 20, the unit won his greatest success: six were killed, one probably destroyed and damaged. May 6 Team knows his last win and 8, made his last operational flight. Twelve days later he was transferred to the base of Ben Gardane.
so it shook the Stanislaw Skalski plane


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