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Hubert Boillot

AirCraft Models : Nieuport Sesquiplan racer. Finished !

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Such a lovely, skillful build that‘s been a pleasure to follow Hubert and congrats on finishing the GB too - I'm looking forward to seeing you handle the Spirit of Africa.



Awesome build, Hubert! Thoroughly, enjoyed it and even got me visiting Combat Model's web site (based on your other build as well as this)....then I got realistic. Ha!


Too much work!

Awesome result on a tough build, Hubert! You now have something rather special in your display cabinet.



Hubert, this is properly awesome work. If I could just do that propeller I could retire happy from modelling.


Really awesome !!

A fantastic build !! :clap2:


Hi Hubert -


Fantastic result! :clap2: A truly awesome build in every way. Thanks for sharing the journey with us!





That turned out sweet, Hubert!!!


Thank you for your interest and compliments guys. In spite of Kevin's - gentle and friendly :) - admonestation that there is a dedicated section for completed GB entries, you can see (hopefully) better pics in the RFI section here :





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I came almost every night to see your EXQUISITE work but didn't post till now


I have enjoyed your SUPERB scratch building of the "wooden" propeller and your EXEMPLARY detailing work all round.


She is STUNNING to look at.

The figure is very well done and that Hat looks just perfect (sometimes even the best has to try and try eh Hubert!).


Most Impressive build and GORGEOUS model..


The base is OUTSTANDING and I think you have gotten the grass looking amazing.


Works well..


I LOVE it all !












:bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

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