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Hubert Boillot

AirCraft Models : Nieuport Sesquiplan racer. Finished !

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Thank you guys :) )


Some more progress. I have worked on the Lamblin lobtser pots. On the kit each one is made of 3 parts in white metal : 2 rounded ones for the front and rear and a central one. These were glued together, and then drilled in the center, to be more representative of the originla ones. No specific pics of them, but a "beauty shot" with one in place later on.


Then some small details. The horizontal tailplane had some metal reinforcement strips. They were represented on the kit, but got got sanded off when working on the part. they have been reinstated using a thin copper strip, with rivets embossed on the back with a beading tool. I have also added the control horns for the elevator cut into thicker (0.2 mm) copper sheet.




The undercarriage was assembled. It is a testimony of the beautiful engineering of the kit (and that was 20 years ago, for a cottage industry vacform) that the legs were glued easily in position. I did a template to check and consolidate the angle, but it was almost unnecessary ! I have also drilled and added some small pieces of brass tube from Albion Alloys (0.7 mm dia, 0.5 mm internal dia) which will receive later the three rigging wires. You can see one in the center and one at the root of one forward leg when scrutinising the pic. Btw, the pic shows clearly that I could have done a better job in filling and filing the central seam of one leg :BANGHEAD2:




Identical pieces of tube were added to the other end of the wires on the fuselage.




The tail skid has been glued on, and the reinforcing strips that were lost in the sanding process reinstated with thin "riveted" copper strips.




Then I glued the legs on (and before I saw in the pics my less than stellar filling job on one leg :blowup: . Now the job will just be more awkward ... :( ). Here again  the engineering of the kit has made it a simple operation, with the undercarriage fitting nicely in place and the wings being level ! And now I could not resist some "beauty shots", to get a feel of where I am headed ... ;)








But there is a new twist in this WiP. Remember the pic of Sadi Lecointe standing in front of his racer, reproduced on page 4 of this thread ? Well thank you Preiser for producing nice 1/32 scale civilian figures.


The one I have found requires some tweaking to resemble more the said pic (like having his left arm sawn off to remove the coat, and a new one grafted in place, plus a change of the head angle), but here is an idea of what I am aiming for (with the lobster pots and the prop in place :frantic: ) :








Oh, btw, the wheels are just positioned in place, but have not been cleaned up yet after puttying ;)


That's all for now !



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Thank you all for watching :).


I have started operating the future Sadi Lecointe. It has not only lost his coat, but his left arm has been severed in the middle of the humerus. And he is now about to be beheaded. :help:


I'll try to post some pics, but then this is a family site. Not sure you want to see gore pics :hmmm:  ....    :wicked:



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This build has got everything Hubert - A verrrrry sexy looking central character, plenty of violence and lobster to finish off with!


That sounds like a darn good movie synopsis too...



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Had a good modelling session yesterday.


I encountered the first glitch in the design of the kit since I started it : the rudder is too short to fit the fin correctly. This may be manipulator's error, but the discrepancy is just too big to be just me ... ;). Easy fix anyway, by adding a curved piece of 1.5 x 1.5 mm Evergreen strip. Now have to fill in the gaps with putty and reshape the rudder.




With the additon of the wing struts (provided by the kit as two lengths of airfoil-shaped Contrail struts), the airframe is 95 % complete now:




I still have to (besides reshaping the rudder) - and the list is good way for me not to forget something :


- clean up the mess I did at the junction between the tailplane and the elevator. Noting Mr Surfacer and sanding con't solve :)




- add the two fairings that hid the pipes out of the Lamblin lobster pots to the airframe. They were parallel to the front landing gear struts.


- add the control horn for the rudder and drill the two holes for the cable in the rear fuselage at the base of the fin


- add the padding in the font part of the cockpit opening (see Nicolas' pics of #7 in the firts pages to see what it looked like). (and use the fact that when I tried to sand rounder the cockpit opening, I managed to dislodge the seat :BANGHEAD2: to redo the seatbelts, now that I have found some real lead sheet. - At least the good point is that I can add some stuff in the cockpit opening to mask it when painting without too much worry about the inside)


- do a bit of building up with Mr Surfacer of the front wing to fuselage fairing


- fair and sand both ends of the struts to wings junctions.


- make the diminutive V-shaped windscreen (again see Nicolas' pics)


- add the bit of pipe from the rear of the Lamblin radiator to the fairing described above


- finally add the rigging wires and the control cables to the rudder.


The last three points however, will come after the painting hangar :) : a first coat of Mr surfacer to track any blemishes and rough spots, than some white (and black base where the cowling was in metal).


During my modelling session, I have also earned my "Dr Frankenstein" certificate :evil_laugh: .


Meet the creature Sadi in its birth process. It is made up of the original figure you can see in the pics above, with a new head taken from another beheaded figure of the same box (Preiser's "Waiting passengers" box), scalped to refit the hat of the original figure. It has also had its right arm cut and reglued in an angled position, with a hand coming from the same donor as the head - the original figure had a suitcase moulded with the right hand, so that did not for the bill- ;  and finally the left arm with the hand in the pocket is coming from yet another figure in the box !


I have also done some prepping of the figure (I had not read Jerry's thread about prepping figures before doing it, but did exactly what he recommends :frantic: ), by cleaning and sharpening the sides of the garments when needed like with the tie or the collar of the jacket, removing material to have some undercut fo the clothes in areas like the bottom of the jacket, by reshaping the jacket to look more like the one Sadi is wearing on the reference pic, which in turn forced me to resculpt the top part of the trousers. I have also corrected the shoulders, by gving them a more sgging stance than on the starting figure, again to get closer to the pic.


This was all done with some micro-chisels and a (new) #11 blade in my Swann-Morton scalpel. Still some refining to do, some fairing of the joints and creases of the different garments, but it is getting closer to the target (altough I still need to change the stance of the head, lokking toomuch down compared to the reference pic) . Whther I will be able to paint convincingly remains another (BIG) challenge !


Btw, Jerry says Preiser's plastic is hard. I did not have this issue with mine. it is easy to work work with, and the Frankenstein session was actually an enjoyable challenge.




No modelling this coming week-end. Back at the bench on monday !



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