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Aviattic 1/32 Anthony Fokker Figure

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Funny how they'd show him with a Reinhold Platz design, but, that's right, he liked stealing others' works.

Given he was employed by Fokker the only theft was the revisionist history written by some people stealing credit where it was due.

Great figure of a great aviation figure who's aircraft wrote a lot of aviation history.

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Fokker was sued after the War for stealing the Sycronized gear, and lost the suit. Also during the War, he would not publically give Platz the credit for all of Platz's designs, which included all Fokker produced after the Eindecker E.4. That wouldn't come until after the war and not by Fokker himself. Many books talk about his willingness to steal ideas.

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So how many aviation form stole the idea of gun sync from the Eindekker?

Did Pratt and Whitney steal the idea of the axial flow turbojet from the Germans?

You bet they did.

The concept of theft during a war for development ideas is slim at best.

How many countries stole ideas from captured equipment?

Anyway you clearly said he "stole" an idea from an employee who was employed to come up with ideas.

In that case every manufacturer in the world is guilty of theft not just Anthony Fokker.

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