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AIMS 1/32 Ju 88 'Wing root' display option

Pastor John

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Hi everyone,

For some time now the problem of how to display all the Ju 88s and 188s I want to build has existed -  in order to capture such a variety of camouflage applications (my main interest in the aircraft). Such a collection takes up so much space in any scale. The most obvious choice to me was to simply leave the wings off - but did I want them on again and built and painted well enough to slot back on and off or did I want to make the fuselage without the moulded on fillet area of the wing root? if I went for this option the model would look more realistic but that realism would only be maintianed if the model was then mounted on a factory dolly. I decided in the end to go with the latter option and worked from many photos to try and get  photo-etch set designed to represent the wing attachment points. That done I set about blanking off the hole left in the dissected kit parts minus the moulded on fillets. PE should be here any day but I have made up a test shot ready. I think it looks better like this so even if I do not keep the realism by making a factory dolly - and instead use a wooden plyinth and brass pegs - it is still a good option for how to make a number of the same models. I can always decide now to make the main version as complete models and and others I like as fuselage only models? Anyway I do not have a price yet but if this appeals to you also let me know :)


There are obviously many ways to skin a cat (not that I ever would) - here is just one way that keeps the strength of the parts at all times and allows plenty of space at the end to paint cockpit.

I dissected the fuselage into three parts, built up the rear fuselage and added roof part and some locating tabs to surround of rear fuselage. I then added one side with front bulkhead in place, followed by the floor. The other side can then be put on followed by the inner cockpit sides to the front dissected fuselage parts - cockpit side walls need amended as they have detail designed to sink into the cavity of the moulded on wing root. Cockpit can be built up in a way that suits your painting of the sub assemblies.


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I have made the rear fillets also as separate parts as they are more often than not seen on the fuselage when the wings are not, when fuselage is dissected some of the rear fillet detail is still seen aft of the cut panel line - leave this in place until you are ready to add the fillet as it will help with correct location.



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