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Yes, it's another Tamiya F4U-1 Corsair!

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Marmaduke... oh okay.


Well so many suggestions were thrown around after Photosucket did what they did; and many have opted for either SmugMug or Imgur..


So here's the links to both of them.


Might be useful for all your other photos too.




Pricing & Plan Comparison | SmugMug



SmugMug Tutorials: click on red arrow to commence the first video.





pload Images – Imgur


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Hopefully soon! Still trying to figure out which of the photo hosting sites to use. I don't get much free time lately due to working long hours but rest assured I haven't forgotten. Thank you for the interest!

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How to Upload Images to Imgur (with Pictures) - wikiHow




Ignore the rotten adverts but keep scrolling for instructions ..


Also in MY post #76 the link for IMGUR has instructions tools for androids ops desk top etc.... just had a drop down menu.

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