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Yes, it's another Tamiya F4U-1 Corsair!


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Thanks for the tip David. I'm not going to end up using every decal, just the ones I think will stand out the most and look the best without going over too many raised details. Also I haven't painted the inside of the fuselage yet so I still have those decals to do. Anyhow here's what I have today and as always, thanks for looking! 20150813_185419.jpg20150813_185530.jpg

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Hi Maramaduke, just catching up with your Corsair and I'm impressed by the high quality of your work so far. Good job sir.


The belts look most realistic to my eyes and I look forward to seeing them in position on the seat when you get that far.


Keep up the good work,



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Greetings everyone. I'd like to take a moment to thank everyone for the kind words, tips and encouragement! It really is helping to keep me motivated to get more done so thanks again! I have a couple of pics that I forgot to post yesterday. The first one is a comparison between the kit cowl flaps and the Vector cowl flaps. The tiny resin pieces on the Vector part gave me a hard time and I ended up breaking a couple but luckily they included a few extras for just such an occasion. Thanks Vector! I'm not totally done with them, I still plan on adding the wire that goes around it. The second pic is the cowl with the kit ribs removed and the Vector ribs installed. It still looks a little rough but I think it will look fine with a coat of paint and not to mention you won't even be able to see much once installed on the plane is my thought. That's all for now and as always, thanks for looking! 20150813_193126.jpg20150807_003017.jpg

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