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Yes, it's another Tamiya F4U-1 Corsair!


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Thanks for checking out my build everyone! I wish I had an update to show but I've hit the proverbial wall. This is the last build I ever wanted that to happen on. Loads of stress at home and work have really taken its toll on my modeling. Rest assured when I'm back up and building LSP will be the first to know.

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Hello all. Sorry for not having any updates. I've had a lot going on that didn't allow me any time for modeling. I hope to be back at the workbench soon and when I do I'll be sure to get some new updates posted. In the meantime I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

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Hello all! As promised I finally have made a little progress on this big bird. Hope you guys like it.

First up is the engine. All wired up and ready for final touch ups.



Next up is the machine guns...I know the tubing I used is a little large but it's the smallest I could find and it's still better than nothing. Tamiya really did drop the ball on this detail.



Lastly is a pic with the wings mocked up on the fuselage...everything is looking good and coming together nicely. If you look to the right in this pic you can see my old Tamiya 1/48 Corsair that I did shortly after getting back into the hobby. I'm using it as inspiration. Thanks for looking and happy modeling.


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Thanks Kev. Thanks Dave. I have to agree with you on the photo etched seatbelts...I would almost prefer their trimmed masking sticker with etched buckles version. HGW seatbelts have me sold though. They can be frustrating especially in 1/48 but they are well worth it.

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Hey gang...back with another update. Got a fair amount of work done over the last few days. I removed the wheels from their pour blocks and cleaned them up. These Barracuda wheels are very nice. They're gonna look great painted up. Then I finished the landing gear and gear doors in preparation for paint. Next I assembled all the flaps which went together perfectly. After they were done I mounted them along with the outer wings to the wing root. Finally, after avoiding it, I worked on the exhaust. First I painted them Testors steel, the one in the small square bottle.Then I used Tamiya and Mig pigments to finish them up. Let me know what you guys think. Thanks for looking. 20160306_161806.jpg









Mock up of the engine and exhaust



...and then mocked up with the rest of the plane. This thing is huge!

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