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Trumpeter 1/32 Mig-17PF


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thanks guys, first layer of primer shows that everything is fine with body, so next step is painting works and I want to ask, does anyone have the North Vietnam insignias decals?

I can't find it and I don't want to make a lot of masks to paint it... :mellow:

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Let's go further,

I painted model black and after couple of days of drying I covered all model medium satin aluminum

and made masks for ailerons, flaps and some hatches, then, to make the panel effect noticeable, I painted them in different shades of steel and aluminum


Also using a salt I made scratches on the nose











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  • 2 weeks later...

Clunkmeister, thanks for your opinion, I'm really appreciated.

And here finally I came to the most difficult part of my  build - North Vietnam national markings.

Unfortunately I did not have decals of it so I had to make masks. I used Tamiya's scotch for my masks and 6 of them. As you can see from the pictures

firstly I painted in yellow, then masked stars and borders and after that painted with red color

















And here the result, I suppose my national marks look pretty good.


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