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Trumpeter 1/32 Mig-17PF


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Hi everyone, I also decided to join to this GB with the model of MiG-17PF in 1/32 from Trumpeter's kit MiG-17F. I want to make exactly PF, because there is a wrong canopy for F modification in the kit, however at the same time there is a canopy for PF modification, which is also not the perfect one, but it looks much better. I'm going to use Eduard's PE kit and some scratch-build parts.


I have started my build a few days ago and almost completed interior.















to be continued...

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Yeah I know, thanks, I used it for my MiG-15 bis, but unfortunately it's not available in Ukrainian model shops and, except that item, I need nothing in foreign shops, so no one sells me only that vac canopy

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Oleg, Welcome to the Group Build. I have added your  name and project to the who's doing what in the group build list. Please make sure you have read the "rules of the road" post at the top of this forum.  :)  We have 3 months left in the group build, so hopefully you will have plenty of time to complete this project.

the work you have done so far looks great.  Looking forward to more progress!


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You're very welcome!  If there is anything we can help with, parts etc.. say so.. we have been trading stuff back and forth since before May in this group build. Perhaps if you need something you can't get in Ukraine, a fellow modeler in Europe can help with, so just ask. So far I have sent things to France, Germany Austria and 4 States in the Untied States. I have also received things from 3 countries and 4 states in the US.




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