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Hi guys

Interesting Group Build, fits perfectly with my problems, because it doubles parts to build Helicopter. Double seat, double remote control, collective double, double landing skid and often twin-engine, twin rudder, two doors on each side, are almost always well ...

I want to realize my crazy idea of ​​having a Military Helo every American country and if possible without repeating the model! ... already finished my first, a 1/32 HH-43 Huskie Testors USAF.



and now is the turn to a second model, I would like to participate with the 1/32 Revell 04402 Bk-117,


The model:




teh sprues:



After considering several options, I decided to build the MBB-117 kit that militarized American countries Helo I know this only two Colombia and Chile, My decision made ​​quickly for their showy: the Colombian Helo





This model has a few in my view detail, and with a little scratch to see who did it.



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So let's start ...
model does not come with the doors open, with fine knife # 11, patience and a bit of force, start the cuts. The drivers door was more delicate, the front post is too thin. If problems resulted.




Interested adjust the profile of the nose, so we removed the same way



This image corresponds to the cuts.



Then I make holes to the cabinet control panel



and by the time it's all folks .. success with their projects


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Hola everyone, MARU5137 Thanks

Hi mark31, I have seen your projects .. as will the Lynx ... seems good job,


well, I continued with a small advance, reviewed the fuselage skin, retirement fuselage reinforcements and accessories, lamps and mouth taking bunkers, open bays and filter area. not in the picture but the cabin air intake was opened. oh ... sanded and defective surfaces injection,,, appear more sanding ... fine sandpaper and some putty ... um .. I have not here, I'm away from home ... I miss my workbench.





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Hello friends


Another known event that might classify this work as is Double Trouble

The first flight for the Navy of the Republic of Colombia of this helicopter was on December 22, 2005, unfortunately seven years later he suffered an emergency landing with severe damage, and May this year, he made his second first flight ie one Double Trouble resolved

and now here with some progress


I started renovating the space where I put the sliding door



here appreciates the space where the door post



A) I put poles reinforcements and air intake duct
B) installed guide cover
C) space was left for the gate guides
D) undercover adjusted the outer frame
E) as I said the air intake was opened
F) We had to attach styrene to align the door
G) snap the plastic frame with styrene
H) removal of the rear doors.


by the time it's all greetings
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Wow, that is fantastic indeed!!!!


You are doing an inspiring job, and I am in awe of your work.  You want to check out ARC, Niek (Seaking Pilot) is building a Revell 32nd BK as well and is top stuff.  You might want to check his out as well.  Let me know if I can offer any help




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Hi Anthony


oh yes, I need a lot of help ... always 
'm locating references, only work with what little I've seen ...and I saw each other and work Seaking Pilot interesting to know that several projects have this Helo ... maybe we create a new group construcción.jjj welcome all the help and suggestion. 
ummm I think the first will get better camera ... greetings
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Now, a small advance



inner panels to fit windows 


in this kit, once you open doors, you'll see that the deck does not fit to the inside panels, you need to add 3.5mm styrene.

the door is already aligned to the pillar and slide smoothly



making panels for pillars.


by the time it's all folks,, seems little ... :rolleyes:  ...

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