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Second Attempt at HKM B-17G With Some Minor Improvements.

Silver Dollar

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Thanks Geoff.  It looks like of rough at present and needs to be finished and touched up for sure.  I usually take a few in progress photos to see how it's shaping up.  The original panel is full of errors but to be honest, most of them are virtually invisible once the fuselage is closed.  I'm just having fun doing this.  

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That is the thing about this kit is it buries your detail and kinda leaves you wondering why?

I know i'am going to change my build philosophy as post FLAK_KAT


    "I' am GETTING TO OLD FOR THIS $#@&"

   and want to finish more than maybe 2 a year!


 IP is looking GOOD..... SILVER DOLLAR


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I did a little fiddling tonight and wiped the dust off the instrument panel after I did some more.  There are still a couple of little details I need to add but this part is almost done.  

For the indicator lights, I took some 1/32 inch brass tubing drilled a few holes in the metal panel and soldered the tubes in place.  I then trimmed them down to a bit less than 1mm long, took some clear red plastic sprue that held model car tail lights and stretched it so they fit into the holes in the tubes.  I trimmed those off and put a drop of clear gloss on them so when the light hits them, they'll sparkle.  The prop feathering controls, the four red knobs were made with the same tubes but I cemented straight pins and painted the heads red.  They chipped a little and will have to be touched up.  Next up, I'll make the little control box on the right of the panel.  Hope you like.  



This is a bit up close.  


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You've managed to improve your earlier work, which wasn't at all bad to start with. Looks great, only complaint I'd have is that it'll be hidden within the fuselage unless you look real careful from a very specific angle probably. Guess the viewer will have to look real careful from a very specific angle then.

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Thanks all.  


@Roy.  The viewer really won't have that much trouble seeing the minutia because I'll be taking photos and making a digital scrap book that will go with the aircraft when it gets displayed.  That way, I'll always have a running record of what I've done.  The pictures you see here at this point are mainly check photos or proofs so I can see how things are shaping up and so that I know what detail needs touchup.  The scrap book photos are yet to be taken.  As far as improving my work goes, I truly appreciate the compliment.  This work is like I used to build before my burnout episode.  I'm still trying to get back to my old self.  

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Here's tonights's contribution to the model.  I had to scratch build the control box on the right side of the IP 1) because it's just not shaped correctly and needed correction and 2)  because I lost the kit part after I cut the off the right side when I was going to use the original part.  Dang it!!  It's made from a small block of blood wood covered with aluminum from a soda can .  The red fire extinguisher handles are made of brass cemented into drilled holes.  The 8 indicator lights are brass rod with paint dots.  

the only problem is I think the block may be a little too deep but I'm not going to redo it at this point.  



and a close up.  Looks better from a little distance as it stands now.  I'll need to do some cleanup on the black part and the stenciling.  It's just not where I want it yet.  


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