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P-51K Mustang A68-529 84 Sqn RAAF Flown bt Act Sqn Leader Roy RIDDEL


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Hi all,


Here is my latest build. P-51K Mustang A68-529 84 Sqn RAAF (circa 1945). This aircraft was also the last mount of Flt Sgt Roy RIDDEL who now was an Act Sqn Leader. I was asked to build the Mustang for Roy's son to go with the Kittyhawks.


This aircraft was a lend/lease aircraft and was finished in the bare aluminium with only the olive drab anti-glare shield on the nose.



84 Squadron RAAF moved from Richmond air base to Cairns, Queensland, Australia on 27 March 1943. The squadron was disbanded in Horn Island on 26 May 1944 but later reformed at the Aitkenvale Airfield near the Weir State School in Townsville. Queensland, Australia. The School was eventually seconded by the RAAF when it became impossible for the teacher to hold classes while aircraft were taking off and landing.

The Squadron moved their Kittyhawks to Macrossan on 22 June 1944 and then relocated to the Townsville area on 17 November 1944 but this time they were based at Ross River airfield. P-51K Mustangs were later based at this airfield.

84 Squadron RAAF was eventually disbanded at Ross River airfield, Queensland, Australia on 29 January 1946.


The kit is the 1/32 Tamiya P-51D/K Mustang Pacific Theatre kit. A great kit but a big price tag!!! Overall this kit is just fabulous. Fits like hand in glove,the detail is just wonderful and the decals are excellent quality. I scratch built the fuel lines from the drop tanks to the wing and the ariel running through the cockpit to the tail. I also used RB Productions USAF Harness and Barracuda Studios decal sheet for the cockpit interior which was a super sheet. Other than that, its straight out of the box.


Special thanks to Joe for making the Aircraft Serial markings for me which are absolutely super decals. Many thanks.


The other decals used were the Aussie Decals "Post war Mustangs" sheet. I used the roundels and tail marking from that sheet.


So I hope you like it. Roy RIDDEL once said the Mustang was best aircraft he ever flew. It certainly is an icon of the era.





























The real A68-529 in flight (2nd from the camera)

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Stunning build, love the weathering effects! As you said, this is a fantastic kit and it really takes a lot of stress off of the builder as it fits so well. More time for painting and weathering effects!

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Yes a wonderful kit. So well made and detailed. Tamiya can really take a bow on that. I used the Humbrol 27001 Aluminium. Nice paint and sprayed beautifully. It can be lightly polished as well.

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Guest Peterpools


Very nicely done and the weathering has the perfect look and feel.

:thumbsup: :thumbsup:

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