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F-84 Thunderjet FINISHED


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After taking a deep breath i openend my next kit, its been a long time since that happened :)
i will do the hobby boos kit and just want to convert the speedbrake to the early version (i know mastercasters has a resin replacement, but hey this is OOB, right?)
and maybe add some seatbelts, nothing else.
enlarged some plans for the brake and some colour pics of the pit, the painting instructions on the kit are rudimentary


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Great choice Karl, thats exactly the ship I would have done. The stripes on the tail are very colorful, and for my purposes it had a colored nose ring wich means no foil there............


Im sure you'll do this one justice no doubt!

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Great choice Karl. It does say "Almost" OOB so you might check with the rule makers and perhaps a little resin will be allowed.

Any which way, I'll enjoy riding along with you on this.




Im thinkin Karl means to (correct me if Im wrong here Karl) scratch the speed-brake and was only aware of a resin replacement. :)


I think..........

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not much time for modeling in the last days since my dad passed away....

for a little distraction in these difficult times i did start the kit

first i took a look at the speedbrake. there is a good set of drawings in the detail and sclae book to show me what to modify:

stock kit part of the later type brake, back side


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since i am still waiting on the zink chromate paint (the humbrol can i still had went sour) i decided to do some of the ordnance:

the 2000lb and the some of the 500lb are for other projects (F-80, F-8), but since i have to load the airbrush with olive drab, i thought why not do more of them. most are from the zokei mura skyraiser weapons kit. i will also use the HVARs from this kit since the hobby boss version in the kit are way too long. some serious thining of fins is in order, they are way too thick




hope to make more progress soon

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