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Excellent work so far on my favorite of 109 kits! I think that the matchbox 109 is one of the most fun building kits out there, and considering the vintage and what Matchbox had to work with, I think they did a phenomenal job for the time. I have a pair of these waiting in the stash, but have not yet gotten to them yet. I am putting the finishing touches on the Macchi 202 build, and once done, I have a pair of Hurricanes I have been gearing up for. After that, I think one of these might be next.


Thanks for sharing the build. It is a source of inspiration. Oh, by the way, did you ever do anything with the 219 build you had started? I still have been working on mine for some time it has turned into an epic build for sure. I am still working the fuselage- Have not even done anything with the wings besides cleaning them up from the sheet.


Anyway- keep up the great work. I am taking notes!!!!


THOR :party0023:

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Thanks guys for the nice comments (Ron and Kevin; apologies for the belated reply :sorry: ). Not much done on the Emil of late, I am working on my PCM Spit Mk IX short wing fighter/bomber conversion at the moment as it flew in the former Dutch East-Indies. I hope to have this one finished in a week or two, after that it's back to the Messerchmitt.

Thor, you are a brave man! Mine is sitting in a box where it has been for the last three years. I don't think I'll do any more work on it as it is very inaccurate in outline and crossections and the plastic is way to thin to do anything about that. I'll wait for the inevitable injection moulded kit to appear though that wil probably take some time.





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