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F-86 F sabre detail photos

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just wondering if that would be of any interest here..

Sure! There's a lot of stuff that's common to most, if not all Sabre variants so I think they'd be a very valuable contribution like your '88 thread! :rolleyes:

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oki :rolleyes: i will make one..this should rather be in the walk around section.. but since i dont have the right to make those ( and pictures i sendt in november of the F-5 cockpit and T-33 cockpits are still not posted i would make a thread here..and since i have acsess to this sabre its also easy to take pictures of details that you guys want to see ( sorry..not the engine..its missing on this Sabre :angry: but excpet from that its intact )


starting with a shoot from above the cockpit..these pics are taken with wide angle lens so i get more in them but other shoots with other lenses are possible..after what you guys want..i have also started my 1:32 sabre kit..that is why i feelt like doing this thread allthough my Sabre look like a toy compares to the one in here soooo i might keep that out of the thread )


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batterycompartment ( in front of forward windshield )


also by the pilots known as the locker -room for cloths when travelling far..allthough this was forbidden due to firedanger ( in touch with abttery ) all pilots put their bag here and also different type of bottles when beeing abroad.. hard liquer is alwyas nice to get back to the base


one nice story ( a true one ) is that two norvegian F-86 F`s flew to denmark with one brand new droptank ( empty ) under each wing..that had been cleaned properly inside and got them filled with moonshine and went back to the base..this gave the pilots a lot of "party fun"and a lot of flying on pure oxygen with terrible headaches and hangovers.. hehe


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and since i have been running around on this website posting pics here and there of original aircrafts and commeneted high and low..i should perhaps post a picture of what i have started..just so you guys see that i also actually do make modells..


but ok.. i know this will cause some laughs.. :P and i whish i had learned about this site earlier..as i have never wired anything or cut out anything on a model before..and now by looking at the modell i realize i should hace cut out the area where the ammobelts go down to the ammodrums.. "#¤%&/ maybe just glue the whole thing up..hehe ( but i glued this fueslage together a long time ago..just been laying in my closet ) and was inspired by you guys in here..hehe


darn that pilotseat in this modell su..ks need to try and make some cushions atleast..and i have only partley airbrushed it.. :rolleyes:


but this will be a little pratice before i do a Ju 88 1:32 :)


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and Hrav..i will take some pictures tomorow in the museum of the gunbay..from different angles and closeups..will also try and get my camera under the canopy behind the seat ( that darn armourplate there is blocking the way..but i will see what can be done..

maybe i just lift the whole canopy off like we did last time when we worked on getting the system for the eletrical open/close to work again..

but then i need some manpower ( got to be atleast 4 persons doing that as its heavy..hehe )


as you see it dont get that good thru the plexi..but i will see what can be done :rolleyes:


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