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Found 20 results

  1. Hi all, I've been chomping at the bit to get my hands on the new kit from HobbyBoss - and have splurged out for two of the beasts; one to do an RAF Coastal Command Liberator Mk.VI (which will be the subject of this thread) and the second to convert to a Privateer. The Coastal Command bird will be my entry into the Multi-Engine Group Build starting Jan 1st - and I'll move this thread over when the time comes. In the interim, with all the interest (and controversy) around this new release, and in parallel with writing up the review for LSP, I thought making a
  2. Greetings all, This rather large box somehow appeared on my doorstep this week - how these things happen I shall never understand... I love the 8th Air Force and the B-17 and B-24 in particular, so decided to have a go at the recent HobbyBoss release of the B-24, or the 'crate the B-17 was delivered in' if you spoke a B-17 crew. Not very fair really, especially when you consider it could fly farther, faster and with a greater bombload than the Fort. The kit looks fairly simple in places as has been discussed at length elsewhere, but that's just what I'm after at the mom
  3. The Kingfisher’s wash is drying, all that remains is buff it up and mate all sub-assemblies. This got me thinking on what to do next: start on the Focke-Wulf Kanguru conversion, or beat the F-84G in to submission that has been sitting on the floor for ages. I decided to do the latter, so here goes. I don’t remember exactly why I lost interest, but a few thing come to mind. 1. I had lot’s of trouble to get this part to sit and stay put in the cockpit. It’s Eduard PE plus kit parts. It kept breaking off. I added fictions bracing plates to give it more stability.
  4. I can't promise frequent and fast updates 'cause I have few different models underway but as I said - I'm in This will be almost real-world build - or as you wish - very close to what-if There are two photos (that I know about) of P-61B with polish pilot. P-61B-10-NO, c/n:1173, 42-39654 Since 31.12.1946 in 425th NFS, but from 25.08.1947 r. in 317th NFS. From 07.01.1948 renamed for F-61B-10-NO. At the end of it's service was used by Tobin Aerial Mapping Company to creating aerial maps in San Antonio, Texas. Plane was emover from service on 14.07.1949 r.
  5. Today we review the Airscale B-24 Instrument Panel set. https://www.largescaleplanes.com/reviews/review.php?rid=2224 Have fun, Iain
  6. I'm embarrassed to admit just how long this one has taken - but there at last (I think!). It's one of those things where I keep finding more to add - but really have to call it quits at some point! https://www.largescaleplanes.com/reviews/review.php?rid=2170 My eyes are tired now - please shout if you spot anything awry!! Iain
  7. We take a look at the brass undercarriage insert set for the HobbyBoss B-24 kits from Aerocraft Models. Highly recommended to all B-24 builders! Have fun... Iain
  8. Spotted Ass Ape (front ship) This ship had extra external lights so might be a good excuse for some fibre-optix/leds. Am being assembled, B17 brassin wheels, B17 armament set, HGW fabric belts. DN model mask set just ordered
  9. Hey guys! New set out for Liberator builders. Click on the image to go directly to it.
  10. Needing to break out of my current rut - once I've finished the two-seat Spit - and a couple of other projects... What I have in mind is a conversion of the forthcoming HobbyBoss B-24J to a Privateer. Yes - I *know* it's a lot of work - and lots of scratch-building - but I've always liked the Privateer (I blame the Matchbox kit when I was a lot younger). As this will purely be for my enjoyment - rather than a magazine, or customer, build - I recon I can make some rapid progress and not worry about it too much. Having spent a lot of time looking i
  11. New set out today: Luftwaffe Liberators in 32nd scale. Three options included. This should be a lot of fan for Luftwaffe fans. At least we hope so.
  12. New mask set is out today. Includes all the versions included in the decal sheet provided from Hobby Boss OOB. Available at www.dnmodels.com Be sure to share on Facebook and other sources that might be interested in the 32nd scale Liberator J. Enjoy!
  13. What a kit! I just got the infamous YF-23 kit in 1/48 and although i could possibly start it after quite some time from now, i`m opening this thread now. I came across a few marvelous builds here and there, but could not managed to find the best build. So i`ll try to make the best one My vision is of a real F-23A conversion such as if it was the chosen plane in the 90`s. In brief, i`ll try to make the exact same outlook (painting/weathering) of a typical Raptor as of nowadays, but will also make all the corrections/edits/improvements that had to be implemented in the prototype version... once
  14. This is my Spitfire Vb built from the Hobbyboss kit, I know many complain about it for a few reasons, but to me it looks like a Spitfire...…...and that's good enough for me lol! Its was built out of the box and MRP paints were used. Hope you like it, but here is a bit about the man in the machine first. Squadron Leader 'Buck' Casson, who has died aged 88, escaped from France in May 1940 to fly Spitfires over south-eastern England during the Battle of Britain; later he was a flight commander in Wing Commander Douglas Bader's "Tangmere Wing" before being shot down over northern
  15. This is my Spitfire Vb built from the Hobbyboss kit, I know many complain about it for a few reasons, but to me it looks like a Spitfire...…...and that's good enough for me lol! Its was built out of the box and MRP paints were used. Hope you like it, but here is a bit about the man in the machine first. The son of Polish-born Swiss parents, Zumbach was registered as a Swiss citizen and hid his nationality in order to join the Polish army in 1934. He served as an infantryman until 1936 when he transferred to the Polish Air Force. After graduating from flying training in 1938 he was p
  16. My latest build for a GB on another forum, but large scale so thought I'd show it here. I realise and know the canopy is wrong and a couple of other bits, but this was for a Hobbyboss/Trumpeter kit GB and I just wanted to try the camo scheme for this Malta Spit. I've 4 more variants I want to do and these will be much for accurate (hopefully). I did correct the tail stabilisers and the prop with quickboost am as well as master barrels and some eduard pe. Mr Paint, Gunze and Tamiya for paintwork and oils, ammo and AK for weathering. And th
  17. Here's my entry, first in progress work and GB on here so go easy please. Hobbyboss as the main kit and canopy and filter from Hasegawa Selection of decals and masks (kit was second hand and decals missing from box) AM And reference And finally the aircraft
  18. It`s finally done! * The WIP topic The F-23A Black Widow II in a searial production variant like it would be if it was the chosen winner from the ATF competition some two decades ago. The original kit is the HobbyBoss 1/48 YF-23 kit, which went through a major conversion, and almost all the surfaces were completely edited. Check out the full WIP topic for more insight although the majority of the first photos of the build cannot be displayed. She's a very beautiful plane, it think, and i considered all the diagrams and info on the http://yf-23.net page while making this conversion. So
  19. Hello! This is the Hobbyboss 1/48 F/A-18C Hornet which I began working on last year. What with one thing and another this build was left forgotten for long time and has been begging to be completed. I have finally finished her in the markings of VMFA-122 "Crusaders" I thought this scheme was very attractive and I always wanted to build this particular fighter. The only extras used on this build were the Two Bobs decals with home made tail fin lights and a seat harness. I think this is a great kit and it was a fun experiment for me to attempt to make a grey jet look interesting. Hope yo
  20. Hello and final made it to make some pics outside. I now its not 100% good but this is my first try on the foil. I will like to fhank everyone for the support and good advice for completing this one. Its OOB build. Mark I have just see that i forget the lens on the nose wheel
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