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  1. Holy Smokes Y'all! Thanks for the heads up on the books. Mr. Metz: you are off the chain. Thanks. RD
  2. Hello LSPers: I'm looking at building a 32nd scale Mosquito and I am wondering what the concensus is on the best reference book or books that are out there for this subject. -RD
  3. It looks really good. Very nice build. -RD
  4. I am really enjoying the build on this one. I've been to your web site. How does one pre-order this set? Thanks, RD
  5. As the others have said....................... None of these kits you have mentioned have any accuracy problems that I consider deal-breakers. And,all but the Bearcat have reviews written on them right here on LSP. -RD
  6. A C-6 Corvette............................... -RD
  7. Very nice. I really enjoyed watching that.Thanks for posting this up for us. -RD
  8. I like this one alot. Great job. Its been awhile since I have flogged a vac kit. I feel one coming on though. -RD
  9. Your 109 looks really slick. -RD
  10. The misrepresentation aspect of it was my main issue,esp for the price. I paid full retail for it,about 40.00 USD. It was admittedly a whim buy. I basically want to get the word out so other folks will know what they are getting in this boxing. Had I known before hand I *may* have sourced a vintage Mk1. The "Mk2c" kits are relatively inexpensive. I think I bought one for 5.00 USD not too long ago. I agree : A new tool 32nd scale Hurricane would be more than welcome! I will be ordering up some of the resin bits. Thanks for the link Den. -RD
  11. First off,my apologies if this has been posted before. I just bought the RoG Hurricane MK1 reissue and what is in the box are the Mk2c moldings. The instruction sheet has you removing the cannon barrel fairings and fairings. You do get what look to be nice decals for Tuck's BoB A/C. I am a bit disappointed in this release. I was hoping for the Mk1 wing bits. Alright then,a Mk1 will be a bit of a flog then. -RD
  12. To tell the truth,I don't either. But given the information we currently have available I can't imagine what else it could be. Kagnew may have it with the Meteor. A 32nd scale RP-322 would be cool though. I'll be here waiting on the Gutless. RD
  13. Not the BAC(BAE) Lightning. The Lockheed Lightning 1s were regular production aircraft. They were basically P-38Ds minus turbochargers. The British took possession of a handful of them in late '41 or early '42 and flew them for evalution for use with the RAF and ultimately found them unsuitable for theater operations. They did however give them the Lightning name. [Anyone know what Lockheed's inhouse name for the P-38?] At any rate, the close to 400 units built were turned over to the Air Corps ,designated RP-322 and flown as Advanced Trainers. RD
  14. Dismiss the Beaufighter as well. I'm telling y'all: Lightning 1. RD
  15. I think the answer to that would be:Yes. RD
  16. I've got it , I have figured out what it will be. I have scoured the deepest recesses of my aviation knowledge and by process of elimination I have come to the conclusion that it will be a: Lockheed Lightning 1. Designated by the USAAC as a RP-322. It was a "Classic" "Twin Engined""Fighter" aircraft,ordered by the "British"and not flown in in "Combat" by the "USAAC",but flown in Trainer Squadrons stateside. RD
  17. Mystery twin or not,I'm sitting here ready to pull the trigger on the F7U Cutlass! RD
  18. I have both an "A" and an A-36 Apache kit that I would sell. Both are "New In The Box" ,unstarted,unwarped and have the decals. Price wise,I am going to have to get what I paid for them,IIRC somewhere around 45.00 USD[each] plus shipping. RD
  19. A small update on the build. The cockpit parts are painted and nearly ready for offering up. I will need to flat coat the lot and then add gloss to the instrument faces. The seat belts are lead foil with small black circles punched out of decal film and added to simulate the grommets. The canopy has had its framing sanded off and will be added back as correct as is possible with strips of painted decal film. It does need some more polishing but is very close to ready. It will be doused with Future/Klear before adding to the fuselage. I'll update as time allows. RD
  20. My understanding is that *most* of the time you would only find the single shoulder strap on IJN aircraft operating from carriers. Land based fighter aircraft would have lap belts. The shoulder harness crossed the pilot's chest diagonally. This isn't as strange as you might think,it seems like there were plenty of US fighter aircraft at the start of the war that used lap belts only. And another IJN fun tidbit: they apparently dumped their hooks after trapping. RD
  21. I like it. I like it alot. I give it three thumbs *way* up. RD
  22. Thanks LDS. That's alot of clarifying information. This is a subject that has my interest. RD
  23. That was a really sweet bit of research. For my money it was very well put together. I still have questions though but not about AVG P-40s. One question would be,did the British purchase US manufactured aircraft painted in Land Temperate when the RAF had months/years previous switched to Ocean Temperate? If so,why? Could it be as simple as the contracts were signed already specifying colors and chance orders would have been expensive? I could see that actually. But I'm not trying to answer my own question. RD
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