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  1. You'll get there buddy ,keep postin' them pics so we can see how it's comin' Ed
  2. Thanks Richard!!!I appreciate it ,means a lot Ed
  3. Richard,You're off to a great start I'll be keeping an eye on this one, good luck !!!!we'll be watching and waiting to see it completed Hope you don't run into anything warped Ed
  4. Hey Thanks a lot guys,I appreciate it Ed
  5. Hey thanks Rigor,I don't know I've got a Hase F-5 aggressor,and a AVG P40 I'm thinking about starting Ed
  6. Well Fellas, I finally got finished with my Corsair ,all the parts that had to be made because they were'nt there or the carpet monster ate them have been put in place ,I'm not the best on weathering[i get carried away and usually flub up a pretty good model] so I opted for light weathering I'd like you guys opinion if it needs more or not anyway tell me what you think I enjoyed building this kit even though it took two group builds and moving it three times to finish it anyway thanks for looking and the support Ed
  7. Excellent Job Chris, outstanding weathering really a super build Ed
  8. Super Job as usual Russ WOW!! Ed
  9. check 6

    Me 209

    Michael,Wonderful job,a real Stunner,excellent craftsmanship Ed
  10. Russ, All I can say is WOW!!!!!!!!Absolutely outstanding work, simply gorgeous! Ed
  11. Kev,it really looks sharp,very nice job on the checkers,my son picked up this kit at a model show a couple of weeks ago I know he's been following your build closely since he getting ready to start on his ,again a fine job. Ed
  12. Looking Good ,GO RUSS!!!!!! Ed
  13. check 6


    Perry,Absolutely Stunning!!!!!!!!,simply beautiful work, well done! Ed
  14. Very nice work,camo looks good,looking forward to seeing it finished Ed
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