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  1. Right on. Add coyotes howling in the distance. RD
  2. It was right at 11 weeks from the time I ordered until it was at my door. I hope yours arrives directly. RD
  3. I think the tackiness on my windscreen is from a coat of Future. I'm going to let it air out for a few days and see where it is then. RD
  4. Peter That is slick. I have to say that is some very nice work on the cockpit and wheel wells. It looks like you're in the shorts rows and close to being able to paint. RD
  5. Thanks Peter. One of the things that was interesting was that the canopy was inside the forward fuselage and the forward fuselage was inside the main fuselage body. I'm looking forward to seeing your Panther. RD
  6. Pictures posted on LSP Disscussion. If any one wants a specific shot of a part or parts , sing out, and I'll see what I can do. RD
  7. Ah. My image posting brain fart has gone away. Thanks Jennings and Kevin for you assistance.I certainly apprieciate it. Back to the Cutlass. Main mount wheel well detail. Wings. Top and bottom. Various cockpit and other detail parts bagged up as shipped. Landing gear struts. Mains cast in metal. All very nicely detailed. Intake and exhaust pieces. Compressor faces included. No need for covers. The photoetch fret. The stickers. Complete with insturment panel guages. 4 markings options are provided. 3 Gull Gray over White and 1 NMF. There is a very nice assembly guide,of course. From what I've seen so far this kit is absolutely top shelf. It does come with a healthy price tag thats for sure. But then again,that price is not too out of line when compared to some other 32nd scale kits on the market. In my estimation,this was money well spent. RD
  8. Oh,FFS. Mods please delete this post. I'll try again once I figure out the hitch in the giddy up. Thanks. RD
  9. I took some time today and shot some pictures of the parts breakdown of the Fisher F-7U-3M Cutlass. The box is plain with only some graphics on the ends. For what is going to be a large model,once completed, the box measures only 17"X10"X3". Once opened you'll see that the parts are well padded with tissue paper. Here you see the main fuselage and belly pan. The forward fuselage and canopy. The canopies are very bright and clear.My windscreen felt tacky so I have left it out in case it needs to cure some more. Of course the tackiness could be mold release that needs cleaned. The vertical fins with the main mount wheel well detail. RD
  10. Peter. Sure man. Check back,it might be a few days but I'll see what I can do. RD
  11. My Gutless arrived yesterday. WooHoo! I 've not yet had the time to smoke it over completely but what I have peeked at is beyond what I expected. Its possible that this one may move to the top of the build pile. RD
  12. Still looking forward to it.Still waiting.Whats the word? RD
  13. As much as I stand solidly behind a Skyray,its also well past due for a state-of-the-art P-35 series. Lots of military and civilian racer options right there. RD
  14. Second that. A nice big Ford would be sweet. RD
  15. That looks pretty slick. Very nice. RD
  16. Ordered mine a few weeks back. Checking the porch everyday for that box to arrive. Hurry up 6 to 8 weeks. RD
  17. Very nice Spitfire.No doubt about it. Would you mind going into a bit more detail about how you employeed the "Hair Spray" technique.I understand how it works for say weathering an armor whitewash scheme. But I'm a bit fuzzy on what you did here. Thanks. RD
  18. Alrighty. Many many moons ago I saw one of these kits. From what I can recollect the basic moldings looked good. There was no injection or resin detail parts. What you did get was all vac. With that said: I'm going to hold off for the Fisher Model and Pattern resin kit. RD
  19. My box arrived today. I took a quick look in the box and it seems to be all good. Not too detailed of a look though,I drove about 550 miles to get to the house so I'm about did in. -RD
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