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  1. Nice! I have to take credit a bit, since I can't come close to my collection at the moment, I have to live vicariously through you guys. The dusting of Somali sand in the IC looks spot on! Keep charging ahead, when asked my Maximus "are you entertained?" My reply, a responding yes! Cheers, Anthony
  2. Since you have gone full tilt, might as well lob another challenge your way! You need to scatter some "quikclot" bags around as well...... Cheers, Anthony
  3. God I love hearing that! I haven't built a kit in decades, still gathering the supplies I need. I have two of their Little Birds on the way, and plan to buy as many of their Blackhawks as possible. I have seen the level of detail they have, and compared to my Academy kits, these seem to be the new bar, and it's a high one, even oob. But I have never had luck, back in the old days, when the only filler I knew off, was the testors tube stuff. This was before the internet and before I even heard or micro sandpaper. Anyway, I plan to learn filling/sanding on less important/expensive kits, but having a proper fitting kit, will help avoid a big mess. Anyway, thanks for giving me some stress relief! Cheers, Anthony
  4. Looking fine so far..... What do you think of the Kitty Hawk quality and fit? Cheers, Anthony
  5. Very nice work...... I am surprised the Kitty Hawk kit doesn't have much of that detail included though. Hmmmmmm...... Cheers, Anthony
  6. I did not realize that, very nice. The IP has great relief details, on such big kits, almost a must, especially if they are open. I have eduard sets for my Academy kits, and will probably use them, along with the knobs by ANYz, those just knock it out of the park! Thanks, Anthony
  7. If you find them, let us know, getting a good set of a single airframe would do wonders. Most of the "walk arounds" I have found online, are a mixed bag that lead to confusion more than anything. It's bad enough trying to sort this out from the outside, the idea of trying to process the rivets, Jonah style, is enough to do my head in! Cheers, Anthony
  8. I would defer to the experts, but my experience with the Blackhawk as a passenger, and by some images I remember, that stuff gets everywhere. Once in the nooks and crannies, it never comes out. They don't call it "dust off" without reason. Another note, one of my NCO's was practical about even our rifles and other weapons and machines. He said it simply as "these are machines, they are supposed to be dirty", continuing on, he thought it was ridiculous to expect our M4's and other gear to look brand new between cleanings. To me, he was the most logical of all. The white glove routine after having run hundreds of rounds through a weapon, was just silly and impossible, especially the star chamber of the AR-15 class of rifles. Our HMMWV (Humvee) was no different, no matter how hard we tried, using basically a fire hose, once dried, the dirt and sand would magically appear again. I don't think they would even try that high volume and pressure hose on the delicate IC of a Blackhawk. If they did, I know I would not want to fly in it again! That said, you and the rest of the gang have far more experience than I do, so my idea should be taken with the second opinion considered for certain. But a very powdery light sand that wipes away from the high areas, should give the effect I am talking about. No matter what you choose to do, I am sure it will look great! I wonder if the company that sells those dials, ANYz Models, is ready for the business it is about to receive, I know I already have plans to order quite a few of their products. Cheers, Anthony
  9. I think you can leave the IP as is, regarding the lack of flat, it already seems flat to me. The glass might do with a bit of semi-gloss, it strikes a good balance between to shiny and not enough, that's just my opinion anyway. The one thing I would consider, is a dusting of find sand, getting between all the panels an switches, and once it gets in, it near impossible to clean out. If done with enough subtlety, it will really make the IP pop! She looks amazing so far, keep it going! Cheers, Anthony
  10. I have to ask, and maybe I missed it somewhere in the building log, but all the boxes and gizmos in the ceiling panels, are they all scratch built as well? What about the decals you applied? Are they left overs from previous kits? Does these additions relate closely to those found on the ceiling, or just products of invention on your part, with a loose connection to reality?. I know that you have been asked by other to make a full replica of the ceiling in resin, and I definitely see why that would not work. But a resin set of the boxes, radios and pressure lines, or what ever that stuff is, would definitely be possible. I am also certain that a least the guy's following the build would be interested in buying one or more sets, I know I will be. I hope to build at least one of every H-60 kit Kittyhawk makes, and apparently, each will need these inlays. If I tried to put them into my Academy kits as well, I would likely need close to ten sets of these. What I didn't use, could be used as spares in other builds, to busy up electronics bays and such anyway. I will try not to bombard your build with questions, but I can see that you have a skillset that you claim is not difficult, with patience and time. That is the makings of a sound recipe that can be absorbed and executed with success by new builders. Between your amazing figures and the shocking life-like appearance, and this build, I am hooked. Thanks for sharing with us all, nothing like a masterclass from a true artist such as yourself! Anthony PS. If you don't want me to go read all your build logs, then ask new questions there, you should hide them all now, destroy any evidence they existed and develop retrograde amnesia to boot!
  11. Holy smokes these figures are impressive work. So much so, I can see the coffee stain you created with perfect effect on them man's blouse and pants, sure must have been a nasty burn.. On a serious note, I have guessed from the basket, the basket guide and rope guide, you plan to elevate your kit off the ground. How do you plan to achieve this? I own a few Academy kits in this scale, and they are both heavy and huge. Looks forward to seeing what the kit builds up like, Kittyhawk has raised the bar in level of detail included, beating the Academy kits by miles. Cheers, Anthony
  12. I used to spend two weeks a year down in Emerald Isle, close to Cherry Point MAS, and we would watch their 53's pass buy on a daily basis, it was impossible not to fall in love with them, it's and amazing (if slightly troubled) aircraft. There have been lots of accidents with this type apparently, and the MH-53E as well. I know they have been going through some upgrades, but the last report I read was still unfavorable, sadly. Anyway, that news still won't turn my favor against them. My only military experience, was flying in the UH-60L while on active duty in the Army, I have to admit, best ride ever! But it is and remains the only type I have flown in, but flying with great pilots, going very fast, nap of the earth at night, you just can't beat it. Made my time in the Bradley seem inconsequential. Anyway, I will still scour the internet for line drawings that give an accurate representation of the entire aircraft at right angles, no odd views (port, stern, starboard, bow, top and bottom). Someone has to have them somewhere. I know a lot of rotorhead on another forum of ill repute that I will give a shout too, maybe they can give us the aid we seek. Since they are mostly Marines, they will move mountains to make it happen, anything they can hold over an Army guy, so they can get their digs in! Cheers, Anthony
  13. Thanks! Let me also say that, without a doubt, these boards have changed my outlook of the internet forums, which were alien to me just two years ago. Every single board I have joined, has been nothing but a positive reception by the members (excluding one event in my early days, which I am mostly to blame). I am in awe of the craftsmanship and artistry of the hobby. In fact, calling it a hobby seems almost demeaning to the work I have seen. Never in my wildest dreams did I think the art, as I now call it, would be thriving in such a big way. Again, as a kit and young adult, I really thought the modeling world was in the last throws before fading away. Stores locally vanished, and this was long before the internet. I had to travel great distances to find what I needed, before life got in the way and I fell dormant for decades. I am back, but still trying to accumulate the tools and supplies required. I may never produce the fine art I see regularly on these forums, but as long as it's good enough for me, I will be happy. I culled my expectations for the early builds, as I am learning all over again, I fully expect to see a few kits become the victims of some well placed fireworks, I live in Asia, they are abundant here. Anyway, thanks for the warm greeting during these trying times, we will get past this together and be stronger on the other side of this pesky little virus. Big scale has always been my dream, and now, with patience and sound monetary skills, it is within my grasp, I can wait to dive into the thousands of RFI's for inspiration! Cheers, Anthony
  14. I really hope you get this bird flight ready, I love the CH-53E and the MH-53E, even though I have no direct experience with either, since I was in the Army. Anyway, I actually have two MH-53E quarter scale Academy kits in my stash, that I am itching to start laying down rivets, anyone who owns these kits knows the lack any rivet detail at all. Many of the photos I have found online, show rivets in single, double, triple and quadruple rows! It rivets held together by skin, not the other way around. Especially in the tail section. I have a favor to ask, because so far, I have had little luck finding just the right photos to sort out the number of rows required one the entire side of the airframe, then top/bottom front and rear. You wouldn't happen to have any technical drawings that give this information. Would be much easier than trying to sort it out via photos. If you do, I would be exceedingly grateful, would help an old guy trying to rejoin the hobby of my youth! Thanks, and look forward to the next stages of this build, it will be quite a treat! Anthony
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