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  1. There are quite a few Dave but I was thinking of this one: Best regards, Paul
  2. Thanks for all of the encouragement and kind words guys. I am away from home on business for three weeks now so normal service on this build will be resumed when I am back! I will, course, be haunting the forums looking at your work and enjoying the debates in LSP discussion. Bye for now! Kind regards, Paul
  3. This could be a very economical group build year as the right 1/32 Hasegawa Ki-84 Hayate could be entered into any one of four categories if the three current front runners stay the same: - Hasegawa kits (Brad's exec choice) - On the nose - Turning Japanese - Aces high Food for thought... Kind regards, Paul
  4. First - I have always been crap at soldering. So, I was looking at Mike's @sandbagger superb Mosca-Bystritsky build here and found he uses soldering paste. When you see the neat results he is getting from the method I think you will agree it is the way to go. I have soldered just a few pieces as experiments so far (I've not needed to solder anything new yet on my Tiger Moth G-AIVW build) but I will not look back. I have done test parts with both a torch and a soldering iron and even small photo-etch parts work well because so much less heat is needed to get soldering paste to flow. Practice makes perfect of course but it has taken away my fear of soldering. I use this soldering paste from Micro-Mark: MicroMark Solder-It I hope that is useful to all who are interested. @tomprobert I hope that it helps you with the undercarriage of the Stirling project in particular. Kind regards, Paul
  5. Hi Tom I run out of superlatives when I look at your work. You are patient, methodical and work to a high standard. This is going to be a great model! I was thinking about the undercarriage: I suspect with the weight of this bird and the complexity of the main undercarriage that brass may be the only way to go? If brass is the way you are going with this Mike @sandbagger has a technique that uses soldering paste rather than traditional flux which he shared with me and, having tried it now, I can confirm it absolutely works and gives joints far stronger than CA glueing the rods and sheet together. Best regards, Paul
  6. I’m not a facebook person but voted by proxy for a 1/32 Bronco. It’s not that I would buy it but I know a lot of guys who would. ICM are on a roll right now! Best regards, Paul
  7. Porsche, That is a beautifully constructed and painted Stringbag.. The weathering is excellent! You should be very proud of your build! Kind regards, Paul
  8. My Wish List for 2023 (all in 1/32) That Kotare do really well with their Spitfire and release a fabric-wing Hurricane Mk1 to book-end it That we see a new tool P51B from a manufacturer that cares about accuracy Someone releases a Schweizer 2-33A so that I don't have to scratch-build one There is a release of a Blenheim MkIV There is a surprise release of 1/32 airfield vehicles: Hucks Starter, AEC Matador, Austin K2Y, Willys Jeep, Queen Mary trailer But most of all I wish for the time to build the kits that I have already bought! I need to increase my build speed beyond one kit a year! Kind regards, Paul
  9. Apparently there will be a release of a 1/32 3D printed MiG-9 "Fargo" by KEP Models which is scheduled for release in what is left of 2022. Apparently it will also be made available in 1/48 and 1/72. It is absolutely not my cup of tea but someone might like it! KEP are based in Russia. Best regards, Paul
  10. OK sorry if I missed something. What would you prefer to see discussed? Thanks! Kind regards, Paul
  11. Sabrejet - I get you don’t like to see ‘wish-listing’. What would you prefer to see as threads that make a positive contribution? I hope you are having a great weekend! Kind regards, Paul
  12. What about movie aircraft? There is certainly a few to pick from there. Sorry if this has been done before and I'm not aware; I have only been a member since November 2019 so it may already have been done/ Kind regards, Paul
  13. Hi Gary Great points one and all. On the point you raise it is my experience that I have seen equally vehement commentary from not only the LSP community but also on Britmodeller a couple of times (they were both armour threads). I think there is some truth in your point about aircraft modelers being most passionate about scale. I gave up on certain Australian run forum a long time ago due to the inflammatory nature of much of the commentary on certain aircraft (the Bf109 was the one that seemed to make people rail at one another). One of the great things here is the civilized nature of the debate that goes on. I know some get tired of wishlisting in threads and others hold strong positions about scale and other topics but generally it is all done with good humour. You are probably correct that the armour guys would not give a stuff about a 1/32 Jeep or Austin K2Y. All of this is speculation after all. Thanks for responding - it is good to have a reasonable chat online about a subject that we all have an interest in. I wish you too all the best! Kind regards, Paul
  14. Hi Panzerwomble, On this thread the question was asked if Kotare, like WNW before it, might do an end of year surprise. It was a reasonable question to ask given that they are staffed by largely the same group. Whilst I highly doubt it will happen there are plenty who would be pleased if they did. I don't see anyone having a tantrum about any topic here - it is all pretty civilised commentary. If this has all been said before I am sorry: some of us (like me) have not been around very long. Apologies if repetition of subjects is causing consternation. Have a great weekend! Paul
  15. https://www.magicscalemodeling.com/shop/1-48th-Merlin-engine-Electric-engine-%26-Sound-p150046677
  16. Give me the Spitfire Vc’s you mother-hubbard sock sucker…
  17. Dear Manufacturers This is not a wish list: If your business model features 1/32 aircraft please take note of this: Design and sell all of the armour that you want in 1/35 for that market but remember that for large scale aircraft the predominant scale on sale is 1/32 from almost all manufacturers and we ask that if you decide to make ground support vehicles that would naturally be found on an airfield from any era of aviation, please design and sell those in 1/32. We would buy them. Thank you
  18. And @thierry laurent there is a whole thread from 3 years ago on this very forum called 'Is there a good 1/32 Jeep?' started by BiggTim...plus ca change....
  19. nbp748r, You gave me a wide smile with my coffee this morning. I make very similar rules too. I build: 1/24 Cars 1/32 aircraft (so far but you never know if I might use a 1/35th aircraft for a diorama..) 1/35 Armour 1/350 Ships My reaction to you allowing 1/200 ships into your modelling room was "The horror, the horror!" nmayhew I wonder if this whole thing generates much 'sturm und drang' because it is not really about scale uniformity at all but investment? Investment by the manufacturers in a particular scale for them and our spend as modellers where we are 'invested' in a particular scale. Let's say an average builder on this site has 50 1/32 kits (easily hidden from one's significant other in one medium sized cupboard - don't ask me how I know this) and each kit has an average value of $100.00 USD: that is $5,000 spent on one scale right there... I went and checked on Border's website to see if their model range had any coherence to it: so they have this small range of 1/35 aircraft but when I look at their vehicles they have nothing but heavy armour and certainly nothing you would pose next to any aircraft!
  20. Hi Thierry - thanks for that. You provided a better example than I did. It makes the same point though - many thanks. Kind regards, Paul
  21. Wow. @Rick Griewski and @Gazzas If I had a hat I would be removing it out of respect to you both. @Christa though we would not be anything like as deep into scratch-building as these guys how about using this (or similar) approach to your suggestion of having a rolling DeHavilland Moth build (Tiger Moths, Fox Moths, Cirrus Moths...) or just a wider rolling DeHavilland build thread (so I can sneak in a Dragon Rapide...). So far on my own Tiger Moth build it has been incredibly helpful to have input from @mozart @Alain Gadboisand @LSP_Kevin...who may also be interested in such a group? Thoughts welcome. But @Rick Griewski & @Gazzas I can only say how impressed I am at both your endeavour and your collaborative approach. That it is an Anson you are each going after only doubles my admiration. Kind regards, Paul Kind regards, Paul
  22. Thanks @LSP_Kevin I think the title to 'Works in Progress' will also need a change so that everyone is clear. Much obliged as ever. Kind regards, Paul
  23. P51B in 1/35th? It depends on context for me: a) to put next to other built aircraft I am displaying that are 1/32? No; because like @thierry laurent said, "scale uniformity is important to me" b) to put into a stand alone diorama with a Jeep, a Deuce and a Half and several figures that are generally only available in 1/35th? Yes, because, like @thierry laurent said, "scale uniformity is important to me." I suspect that what grinds most contributors' gears on this subject is what Thierry called out most eloquently in his Apache example above: Duplication of effort and worst of all incomplete duplication in aftermarket etc. Now, imagine this was an armour board and flip the question on its head: "If Border released an accurate Jeep in 1/32 (and if there is no accurate 1/35 kit) would you buy it?" The armour guys would generally shun it as heresy and we would flock to it in droves to pose next to our nice 1/32 Allied aircraft of choice. It seems duplication in 1/32 and 1/35 is upon us so we pay our money and we take our choice! Kind regards, Paul
  24. @sandbagger This is excellent work and I am learning a great deal about neatly rigging a model. Impressed - thank you for sharing. Kind regards, Paul
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