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  1. @mozart you are a baaaaaad man. Pour quoi? Because all of those fantastic photos made me go to Lukgraph's website and purchase this:
  2. I don’t have the 100K+ that this would require but I can tip my cap to Norman Groom. What an amazing feat! Imagine having that as a simulator!!! Best regards, Paul
  3. What comes across to me is that everyone in this thread wants this release to be good. A mainstream early Hurricane has long been a gap in the range of offerings we have available. I think @Radub has done an excellent job of showing the kit does not have the issue raised (legitimately) as a concern. So thank you @Radub! Although I personally want a metal wing Mk1 for my BoB group of aircraft, this MkIIb is likely to be a welcome addition to what is available for many. I am very much looking forward to this release! Kind regards, Paul
  4. Weeeeeelllll if we are getting technical then it really has polyhedral as the short centre section has zero dihedral but the outers do... Best regards, Paul
  5. I have the Arthur Bentley drawings of the MkI (so we need to treat this observation with some caution). Arthur's drawings are the only ones I trust of any airframe. These drawings show that, after the centre section, outside of the wheels, the wings taper to their ends with the top surface remaining parallel to the horizontal plane and the bottom surface at 3ish degrees to it. So, to describe the Hurricane Mk1 at least as having any dihedral is probably not quite correct: the wings have a taper in thickness. (In deference to Arthur's copyright for his drawings I am not showing a bigger picture than that below nor the entire sheet this is from). Kind regards, Paul
  6. Yes. I really would. Though I respect others' interests in warplanes exclusively I have a deep and abiding love of things that fly and don't have to have guns and missiles on them. Some machines were designed and built purely for the love of flying alone and there should be more of those modelled (well at least in my world there would be). So, yes Daniel - absolutely I would buy that in 1/32. Kind regards, Paul
  7. HI Andy - I did indeed! My wife was delighted too as she got an Irvin jacket out of the trip, You can indeed still walk through the Sunderland (though sadly not up to the flight deck). It is truly impressive sight to see and one can easily get why they were called the "Flying Porcupine" the damned things were armed to the teeth! Kind regards, Paul
  8. Hats off to all of the guys building this. A truly impressive and inspiring effort by them all! Kind regards, Paul
  9. @chrish - that is a really tidy build up you are doing there! Love it!
  10. +1 on that Brian. The Bonanza: the aircraft everyone else aspired to make...
  11. That is Henry Maudslay's Lancaster sustaining damage at Reculver after dropping a practice Upkeep too low. you can see bit dropping off the aircraft in the last shot. Thanks Juraj!
  12. I cannot argue with that @Christa! Yet, it would give a WWI display a certain balance showing both the Gotha G.IV and a HP O/400 as representative of development from the two sides. Perhaps that is a better way to put it! Best regards, Paul
  13. I know there are some who thought the O/100 and O/400 were madness. I was not one of them. I fervently hope someone picks up the molds for these and starts producing them. They were far further ahead than the Lancaster when WNW stopped business. And, the added bonus for me would be stopping me having to scratch-build a Bloody Paralyser… It is the obvious bookend to the Gotha G.IV… Kind Regards, Paul
  14. When Richard reeled off all of the changes needed for a MkV I got the feeling one would feature in their release schedule and so it has proved. The early MkI makes sense because that will enable 19 Squadron Spitfires (the first equipped) to be modelled easily. That the following release would be a Va was a surprise to me but again makes sense: it uses the 'A' Wing and buys Kotare time to do a 'B' wing for what was the main production version of the MkV; the Vb. But what these two further Spitfire variants buy Kotare time to do is the next airframe they will attempt whatever that may be. On a straw-poll of one (me) their strategy makes total sense. I wish them every success. Best regards, Paul
  15. Oh my goodness Max! I would pay hard currency for that! PO-S is indeed quite the experience. I did think however that the Section Warrant Officer would have had 'the Erks' responsible on a charge as the front turret and the canopy were looking pretty dusty and the aircrew would have had them for breakfast for that! Kind regards, Paul
  16. Thank you @dutik! the Do-27 is an all time favourite of mine and I can only agree with the comment by Alain that the cutaway cockpit is hugely useful. Kind regards, Paul
  17. Guys...My comment was a bastardisation of a quote from the Ridley Scott film Kingdom of Heaven spoken by the character Guy de Lusignan. My tongue was firmly in cheek and I was merely amusing myself. Apologies if it came across as a serious comment. Tiberias: That I would rather live with men than kill them is certainly why you are alive... Guy de Lusignan: That sort of Christianity has its uses I suppose.... I build models in all scales: Ships in 1/350th, Aircraft in 1/72, 1/48, 1/32 and 1/24th, armour (and maybe now aircraft) in 1/35, cars in 1/24 and 1/16 and motorcycles in 1/12 and 1/9. They are all good. Like many others I like to keep scale continuity among similar subjects if at all possible but sometimes it proves not to be. Kind regards, Paul
  18. Hi All, While I was in the UK I took the opportunity to go to the RAF Museum and do some research on their Lancaster R5868 (P-OS). Among other aircraft my Grandfather flew Lancasters during the war and, having bought the Border kit, I wanted to see one ‘up close and personal’. It was strangely uplifting experience finally seeing one in the metal: a bit like meeting a childhood hero only this one didn’t let me down at all; it has all of the presence one would expect and S-Sugar oozes serious purpose from every rivet. I spent enough time just standing and staring at it that one of the museum curators came over and asked me if I was alright! I took a huge number of reference photos of course and then got my wife to snap the shot above. The exhibits in the rest of the museum are no less impressive and some are simply charming. As a return favour I snapped a picture of my wife Alex in front of this (I am sure you can guess why ). The standard and range of exhibits of all eras are of exceptionally high quality . In the WWII section I had to get a few shots of their Beaufighter RD253 as my grandfather’s brother worked at Bristol as a machinist making parts for Bristol Hercules engines. @mozart I even found the museum’s Anson (which is a lot sleeker in the metal than any photo manages to convey). The World War One section is worth the price of admission alone however: In addition they have some truly exquisite LSP wind tunnel models like this one: Finally I found just one aircraft in the exhibition that I have actually flown… (which my wife reminded me is now in a museum…owww) If you find yourself in London with some time to spare just go. You won’t be disappointed. Best regards, Paul
  19. Your Gauntlet is shaping up very nicely Max! Great work - I hope it feels like the hard yards are behind you now! Best regards, Paul
  20. A link to a 1:1 reproduction Pfalz DVIII (using an original Siemens-Halske engine) below as hors d'oeuvres ahead of the kit. Checkout the DVIII display video at the bottom of the page. Mikael Carlson is amazing! https://aerodrome.se/?page_id=81 Best regards, Paul
  21. @bstachel Thanks Richard, The numbers and timelines make for sobering reading when we see the clear outline of what this means for Aviattic as a business. It puts our debates here on LSP in context. I am sorry that the Ansaldo did not sell as well as you had hoped. I hope for you and for Aviattic that the Pfalz DVIII proves to be a more popular choice. I have a feeling it will be. Kind regards, Paul
  22. Thank you Max! That is a huge contribution! Best regards, Paul
  23. Hi Quang, I found it here: https://vdoc.pub/documents/scale-model-aircraft-in-plastic-card-a2f4jhsq30c0 But it does appear to be available at several sites for free. Best regards, Paul
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