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  1. Wow! Now I'm tempted to get one myself
  2. Beautiful build of a beautiful plane!
  3. Sadly I realised it only AFTER having completed my kit! I cannot believe how Trumpeter could make such a grotesque mistake . Now I'll have to find a way to correct my upcoming G-2 Kanonenvogel without making a mess...
  4. But that is exactly what I wrote - this whole post is about the sad fact that the Trumpeter kit is too long
  5. That was indeed the subject of my original post - yes, after eight pages of replies and discussion we've come to the inescapable conclusion that the rear fuselage of the Trumpeter 1:24 Ju87 D is about 3cm too long. This inexcusable mistake - scaled down - also applies to their 1:32 kit. You can see more pics of the finished kit in the "Articles" section of this forum. And yes, that's my 1:24 P-47 "Phyl Darlin'" wing in the foreground.
  6. It's the Bf110 for me since I don't see any in 1:24 coming soon...
  7. As an interesting aside - since I started voicing my concerns about the accuracy of the 1:24 Trumpeter Ju87 D-5 on this forum and on a few Facebook build pages (including the official Trumpeter & Hobby Boss one), I have been completely unable to gain access to Trumpeter's official website www.trumpeter-china.com/. Every time I give it a try I am told my browser is unable to connect to their server. Is anybody else experiencing the same problem?
  8. Thanks, much appreciated ! I'll be submitting a short feature (what about "A Tale of Two Stukas"?) soon to the moderators.
  9. From what I have seen in the previous posts, the Hasegawa 1:32 D looks to be way too short on the nose, while the Trumpeter 1:32 D-5 is just the master copy from which the 1:24 kit was scaled-up, so it also should show the same deficiencies of its bigger brother. I'm not a rivet counter and I am quite forgiving, being well aware of my limits and limitations - but in this large scale (we are talking 1:24) and with such price tags these highly noticeable mistakes - this would be at the very minimum an excess of something like 72cm / 30 inches on the real thing! - are quite unforgivable. Taking for granted, of course, that that Trumpeter fuselage is indeed too long and we are not making a silly mistake somewhere (which I doubt).
  10. I'm afraid I've missed something - I can't remember reading any political comments?
  11. Thank you Chek! However I have a Mac, and when I copy and paste the image URL in the "Insert other media" tab it won't be accepted - the window turns pink (of all things LOL) and that's it. Thank you however for having uploaded my image and glad you like it - hopefully others will find it useful . If you guys think enough members would be interested, I'd be glad to do a short detailed write-up/review on the Trumpeter D-5 build with all the pros and cons and take a few pics of the finished model to be published somewhere here in the LSP website - just let me know!
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