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  1. I believe the two aircraft depicted in Radu's photos are two different ones - the spacing between the codes is quite different, even without taking in consideration the repainting of the 3U of the first image after the white band was applied. Also, the first one looks a tropicalized version to me, with the photo having been taken in Greece, Sicily or North Africa. In fact, it looks like it possibly had a cloudy spray of RLM79 applied over its European camouflage scheme...
  2. I was wondering if it would make sense painting 3U+GT in the transitional scheme of 02/71/65, which I always really liked. It looks too light in the photos to be 70/71/65 in my opinion anyway. What do you think?
  3. Anybody knows which is the "other" decal option being offered in the box besides the Wespen Geschwader one?
  4. Wow! Now I'm tempted to get one myself
  5. Beautiful build of a beautiful plane!
  6. Sadly I realised it only AFTER having completed my kit! I cannot believe how Trumpeter could make such a grotesque mistake . Now I'll have to find a way to correct my upcoming G-2 Kanonenvogel without making a mess...
  7. But that is exactly what I wrote - this whole post is about the sad fact that the Trumpeter kit is too long
  8. That was indeed the subject of my original post - yes, after eight pages of replies and discussion we've come to the inescapable conclusion that the rear fuselage of the Trumpeter 1:24 Ju87 D is about 3cm too long. This inexcusable mistake - scaled down - also applies to their 1:32 kit. You can see more pics of the finished kit in the "Articles" section of this forum. And yes, that's my 1:24 P-47 "Phyl Darlin'" wing in the foreground.
  9. It's the Bf110 for me since I don't see any in 1:24 coming soon...
  10. As an interesting aside - since I started voicing my concerns about the accuracy of the 1:24 Trumpeter Ju87 D-5 on this forum and on a few Facebook build pages (including the official Trumpeter & Hobby Boss one), I have been completely unable to gain access to Trumpeter's official website www.trumpeter-china.com/. Every time I give it a try I am told my browser is unable to connect to their server. Is anybody else experiencing the same problem?
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