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  1. Cannot wait to see your work next weekend in Friedrichshafen, my friend! I must see those hinges! I hope Franz will come with you? Must talk to him on a job offer, hehe...
  2. John, I want to express my sincere thanks for your continued effort to improve the canopy situation! I therefore would take a share in making you a return on postage costs, if you like.
  3. I am really not sure if this perforated rod could be a part of the aircraft. I cannot remember having seen this on any other pictures, nor the very extensive Concept Note book from Zoukei-mura. Maybe it is part of the building´s structure in the background? Reminds me to the "Schräge Musik" drawing misinterpretation on Dragon´s 1/48 scale Mistel box art. Dragon misinterpretated a wooden ladder on a photograph with a Schräge Musik installation in front of the top mounted Fw 190 fighter on the Mistel in their kit box art...
  4. Made me smile when reading my Ju 388 assembly manual: Bodenweine! Well, I guess what you try to say was "Bodenwanne"! Bodenweine is no German word and doesn´t make any sense. So, feel free to use "Bodenwanne" for the lower fuselage gondola instead.
  5. Some very clever modelling here! Wow, what a build!
  6. Wow! I would have felt the sweat when doing the first cut to get the nose of this expensive kit... But you are doing great with this one! A pleasure to follow you on this build!
  7. John, thank you for checking the canopy! Your posts are encouraging that this parts could be made to fit. Hope you can post more pictures of all the canopy parts on the fuselage and tell about your experience.
  8. Maybe it is not the only factor. But, having followed you trying to get this vac canopy to fit at least makes me wait for a replacement. You yourself brought up and confessed these very prominent parts to be troublesome. Having invested a high price into your conversion kit, and having seen your talent as a gifted pattern maker and modeller it should be possible to correct these parts and offer fitting replacements. Hope it won´t ttake too long for good news here!
  9. Wow! John, this is superbe! Beautiful!! I am dying from being curious how you did this unbeliveable good looking mottling!
  10. So did you get any reply from MDC so far? To be honest I cannot motivate myself to start this conversion without a fitting canopy at hand. I guess others will wait for such a replacement, too. Hopefully MDC will jump in here.
  11. What tool are you using to do the rivets?
  12. Didn´t know Israel had Stearmans, too. I like this silver colour look with the Israeli stars! Is this the SilverWings kit?
  13. Wonderful finish on this one! Still have this rather cheap kit in my stash and would like to add the Trumpi JS-7 to it. But don´t ask what Trumpi today asks for a similar kit than the JS-3...
  14. Unbelievable! The best one I have ever had the pleasure to see!
  15. I have both kits here and ZM did more than just amend the wings. Adam´s review in the link given above clearly shows this. He is the best!
  16. Thank you, Jay! See this build in my cabinet every single day and cannot understand how I could do such a build...
  17. Amazingly beautiful finish! Heartfelt congrats, mate!
  18. I´d go for a resin canopy, too.
  19. Maru, you really made me blush! Thank you so much for your words, honestly! I am even more surprised to see this build to rise again after such a long time. Happy to hear you like it! I do so myself, hehe...
  20. Sounds good to me!
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