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  1. So far only Italian decals are the printing process The rest is in development Not to mention we are doing Nie 21, 23, RFC and Russian boxes (probably with additional parts if it will be needed for winter)
  2. For none-EU clients it`s 62 EUR for EU clients it`s 75 EUR
  3. Dear friends, those who ordered their Nieuport XVII EARLY a correction in the instruction is needed. Page 13, Step 46 - Side panel part numbers in the instruction should be changed, it is important for installing a proper set of panels for specific markings. We would like to thank Ray Peterson for his attention to details and making our product better. He noticed this mistake and contacted us about this issue. We are very sorry for the inconvenience
  4. We have some great news for you, folks. Finally, all the pre-ordered Nieuports has been sent like we promised (November). We are sorry to keep all our clients waiting for their orders, that were made in November, they had been sent today as well. This was a bit of a surprise for us, your pre-orders were coming and coming, thank you very much. So it took us more time then we planned. Our company is not that big (Only 3 employees, including company accountant) so it took us a while to prepare it all. Thank you for your support and patience and we hope our models would be a joy to build)
  5. For those (like me a few years ago) who have only general info about Nieuport XVII here is a list of differences, just in case 1. Late series received reinforced leading edge with metal mini ribs for both wings, but the early version did not have this feature 2. Early series Nieuport XVII had experimental Alkan synchronized lewis Mg, for Late series Vickers became the main armament after Vickers MG production was set up in France and some pilots still used unsynchronized Lewis over the top wing 3. Early Nieuport still carried Nieuport XVI windshield, as Late Nie had its own flat windscreen 4. Late series were painted in a new Aluminum powder paint, but earlier had good old camo in 2 colours (some experts are sure it`s 4 colours, hard to say who is right or wrong) 5. An early version had square maintenance hatch on the starboard side, but Late ones received hatched on both sides with an egg like shape 6. Top wing cutout on the early version, but late Nieuport did not have this feature in most of the cases 7. The oil tank was installed in the cockpit, together with the fuel tank on early Nieuports, but for Late Nieuport, oil tank was moved on to the firewall to have a space for Vickers ammo rack 8. Cowlings differs, first it was in one peace, but later it was replaced with the two-part cowling We are planning to prepare and send all pre-ordered Nieps next week, as we need to proceed with the new orders) And yes, we have several 1/32 projects in development
  6. We sent most of pre-ordered Late Nieuports so far, a few early, but most still to be sent on Tuesday (National holiday on Monday in Latvia).
  7. Will be watching the forum now and thank you for a warm welcome)
  8. Damn, Kevin you managed to get here faster than me, thank you) Good evening, Gentlemen, Glad that our 1/32 project got your attention, 9 pages and so many questions) First of all, we have no 5% starting from 2014, and I hope this is a great news, so you do not need to worry that we are charging some extras, this is not the case. I even fixed that info at our website For 1/32 Nieuport kits, the price tag is 62 EUR for none-EU clients (meaning no VAT is applied) and 75.02 for EU clients (as we need to add VAT). As for Scale Models World 2018 - Nieuports were available at out stand, sorry that some of you missed it, here are few shots from our stand.
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