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  1. The Japanese are doing a lot of things “the old way” their shipyards are still building many ships upon drawings of +30y old and the equipment inside did not evolve either but only kept up with legislation. That’s a very strange thing for such a technological advanced country. In my eyes.
  2. Parts are ordered and this post could be “the stick behind the door” to get me back to the build table. Many other hobbies, 6 month a year away from home and a family makes it difficult to complete a proper build. Thanks and hopefully a WIP can be started soon. Bas
  3. Many thanks for all the advice. I did not check “Marktplaats” (marketplace a Dutch version of ebay) so thanks. I’ve got no idea what my Ip is saying at the moment. Working on a small Dutch chemical tanker and presently at anchor of the Dutch coast near Rotterdam. We’ve got an sattelite based internet connection and according my info the provider is working virtual out of Tsjaad somewhere in Africa due to available IP adresses. A Brittish IP adress is surprising. Looks like Marktplaats or a mix of a ‘B and resin floats. Potentially a BiG Ed and/or a HpH enginge and contoll surfaces. Happy building,
  4. Good day, As I would love to build an Arado AR-196A and they are not readily available anymore I’m wondering how difficult it will be to convert a B version (single float) to an A version. (Doubble float) B’s are readily available at ebay for decent prices and a set of floas is available directly from HPH for a nice price. Has anyone tried this conversion or knows a buildlog where it has been done? A conversion including some extra upgrades will be the same price as buying an A model without the upgrades. HPH is not offering their version anymore and I can’t find one on evilbay. Many thanks, Bas
  5. I'm a regular visitor to Immingham port. To be sad, I just left it 3hrs ago. The only thing flying out there at the moment is the klm flight into Humberside and the occasional off-shore flights. Never seen anything else checking the vessels alongside exept bugs in summer and birds all year round. It's going to be a nice Puma! a great start. Maybe its just vision but it looks like the box-art has much bigger sponsooms than the Rijkswacht chopper at your pics and the daco sheet? I've got a KH dauphin waiting to be build as the pilot helicopter of Le Havre. Happy modeling Bas
  6. Waww checked their site and your right! When the models arrived at first i didn't think about an extra version later in the year. Many thanks for the reply! Happy modeling, Bas
  7. Nice little tank you're building. I would love a 105mm equipped Dutch version or conversion as my father commanded one in the early 70's The differences between the 75/90 and dutch 105 are unfortunatly quite big and above my paygrade in scratchbuilding to be performed properly. Happy moddeling in 2017 Bas
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