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  1. Any chance to see the prototype B-52 at Moson, as few years ago the B-36?
  2. Well, mine are paid now, so im all in. Dirk, thanks for the heads up, i will keep the tips in mind. I just hope that the boxes are not as exaggerated in size as the ones from Eduard
  3. Hi Dirk, thanks for heads up. Well, i jumped too early and ordered two of the ZM kits...darn :/ (not yet paid,..but still) With a bit of blocksanding i figure the wing issue is easy solveable, is it? How about with the cockpit sides, can you give a good insight about that issue? regards, M
  4. Great reference build. May i ask how would you rate the kit in aspect of buildability (including issues and positives that it offers)? Im deciding what should i take (hasegawa/eduard-academy or ZM) considering that the ZM costs nearly double as either of both, is the question if it is worth? Does it assemble itself so much better? Im no external contour fanatic, so if it looks like a F-4J its pretty much close enough for me. I did not read carefully enough though, are the fit issues due to insufficient dry-fitting/or similar, or are a general design issue - i know that i should rea
  5. Yes please, a bit infromation how the painting was done what was applied first, colors blending, etc, etc. I love it excellent work. I think ive seen one of those in Hungary last year (Mosonmagyarovar)
  6. Not sure if it was already mentioned, but id love to see decals for this one:
  7. For the ADF you can start from any 1/32 f-16 Kit, its just matter how much elbow grease youre willing to put in. And of course there are possible simplifications. If you can live with the cockpit of a C in the ADF by all means take the academy or even better Tamiya kit. (And try to avoid Hasegawa kit) That being said, ADFs are modernized early F-16 for the possibility of carrying Sparrows (missiles, not birds) And for demand of National guard IFF was added (bird slicers) on top of nose and same thing on the bottom of intake - ihave no idea why - had they had separate for both hemispheres
  8. not sure if someone already pointed this out, but it would be nice to see female modern jet pilot figures in both 1/48 and 1/32 Id love to have some standing with helmet in hand, or sitting pose helmet on, climbing ladder with helmet, etc... If such thing already exists please enlighten me
  9. Holy... impressed...speechless... Quite a while ago i bought Tamiya's light & sound zero and i thought that must be the most expensive kit ever, and that without any aftermarket. Im pretty sure you had to pay for this at least 3 to 4x more than i did This is one serious..pardon my expression...pants jizzing material Ill be constantly returning to this topic for updates...must subscribe somehow
  10. Marko

    KH Kingfisher

    Well, i fully support your standing point, and i can agree on all facts you named, but at the moment i will have to move to smaller appartment - due to work. Display/and storage possibilities will get dramatically lower. Im even afraid i will have to let go my present part of the 1/32 and 1/24 scale kits, or at least some of them, and substitute them with 1/48 or 1/72 scale.
  11. Marko

    KH Kingfisher

    I'd love to build a Kingfisher one day, but im afraid 1/32 would be too big for me. I think i once read on the forums that one of the Chinese/Hongkong companies should release same thing scaled down to 1/48 in cooperation with KH? am I correct on this one, or was the information false? If true, any idea how long would it take to realisation? Otherwise im afraid id have to take the revell/Monogram kit + boatload of resin corrections to look it decent (and those are rare these days -> expensive)
  12. Well, i guess slat wings elevator tops would be it. I just googled earlier CEC conversion sets on sale at ebay and i must say, they are worth its weight in gold (at least according to some people). http://www.ebay.com/itm/Cutting-Edge-CEC32024-1-32-F-4E-F-Phantom-Upgrade-Set-OOP-RARE-/321755870173 For that price i think i'd rather spend few months of trial-and-error of trying to scratchbuild all actuators for the inboard section of wings.
  13. Well, the design engineers surely found an odd spot to attach it Thats the probably same system as the F-14 has under the nose. Im considering a Revell's f-4f for parts as Tony sugested, as it is not expensive here. Got to check the local shop as it is stated online that they cost around 40 euros, which by the way comes in a whole lot cheaper than the tamiya's kit, but then again, its on a lower level in terms of quality. Gary, will your newly designed set allow dropping the wing slats perhaps? Marko
  14. Well, im not in a rush, as the idea of the build is in its early stage. Most definitely will I first try to hunt a F-4EJ for a good price. Therefore i can wait for the new wing set. altough i have few questions to your offer Gary. The TISEO is the thingy that looks like a flashlight on the port side mid-wing? If that is it, i think german F-4 do not have that. But they sure do have the slatted wings. Is it possible to see some samples (photos or renders) of all the options you have (or you will offer), as i (we) could easier determine which set and additions would i require.
  15. Many thanks Tony. I was hoping that the elevator is an easy fix - and it surely seems that way. I think that centreline tank can be located in their F-4J kits - am i wrong? By the way, if i drop the flaps, do i also have to drop (extend) the slats on the wing? Marko
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