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  1. Anyone do a vacform kit?
  2. 'small' update, just to show how bad the fuselage is, not sure if this is because the plastic is to thin? Making a keel for the centre to push the bottom out, then either end will be bulkheads. I've bought a palm sander which is helping loads! I'll have a better update soon IL76vac by Rainbow 1984, on Flickr
  3. How good/bad is the Revell kit? Never seen one..
  4. I really hope one does come out, as I would prefer a 32nd scale Mossie over a 24th scale one, although it is still tempting!
  5. I might be wrong but I doubt they would bring one out, I reckon Revell will re-release theirs one day, when though is anyones guess.
  6. Tape down the dymo too with masking tape?
  7. Cheers guys, I plan on making one good one and casting loads Kev, I had that kit but sold it although I wish I kept it now. Lots of filling to do on this kit by the looks of it from a dry-fit.
  8. Forgot to put, I find ali tube better, as it's softer and the drill piece if held steady will go through in 2 - 3 turns. Just don't have you finger on the underside as it can go through and pierce your skin, as one found out.
  9. No, I just laid the tube on the cutting board and taped it down either side of where I was going to drill. So for the first hole I put tape either side of the mark and drilled, removed tape and then taped it back down where I wanted the next hole, had to do that 10 times. Time consuming but looks ok in the end. (and if your wondering, mine was a fuel rail for a 1/24th Airfix Me-109)
  10. When I done mine, I taped the tube down. Broke two drill pieces though! MB9T7448 by Rainbow 1984, on Flickr MB9T7453 by Rainbow 1984, on Flickr
  11. Hi guys, I thought I would get this started. I've only got photos at the moment of the actual kit as I haven't taken any recently of what I've done, It's the Sanger IL-78 Midas vacform kit in 1/72nd. I'm not to sure on what it's going to look like when done, the fuselage looks 'OK' but the tail plane is going to need some work as to me it don't look right. I'm not one for rivet counting but I would like it to resemble a IL-76/78 at least. I'm actually building this as a IL-82 / IL-76VKP (See here for those that don't know!) I've cut out and sanded all the fuselage, made most of the bulkhead
  12. Just replied to your email John, Great news on the Defiant! Really looking foward to that being released.
  13. I don't get how it works, but on a good note I would LOVE a model Mil-6 in 32nd!
  14. Proper smart work there. I've got this kit and one day hope to do it justice like this.
  15. Quite looking forward to this! Didn't want to shell out the above cost just yet.
  16. Hi Nick, Just a quick answer from me as I'm packing up at work. Ideally, you need a tripod. Set the camera to A (I'm not a Nikon man, but I think A is the same as Canon's Av.) A being Aperture setting. If you set the numbers to f/22 (the higher the better) this will slow your shutter speed down (this is where a tripod is needed). In short, the higher the number, the smaller the Aperture = more in focus. If you set it at f/3.5 (or there abouts) your setting the lens at a larger Aperture = less in focus, you also get a fast shutter doing this. be warned though, if your camera sen
  17. Lol, Iain I'm starting with a Skyvan, something a little easy to break me in. But i'm looking at certain fighters that haven't been produced in 32nd if I can master my first master. Work is starting on this after xmas, as I'm not down my dads until then. (He has the Balsa wood!)
  18. Thanks Tim, Your right it is but I can't find anything online. I've probably got the issue at my dads house somewhere too!
  19. I've actually got one, and will use it for a reference, but good call!. I'm after some plans to photocopy to the right size. I'm going for a 32nd scale one.... Hopefully it won't be to hard because it's so boxy
  20. Bit of a long shot, but does anyone know where I can get scale plans for a Short Skyvan? I'm going to embark on a new project after the new year!
  21. Radders

    Kit Prices

    How many people spend fortunes on kits only to have them in the 'stash'? I can understand the hobby, totally. I just don't get hoarding literally hundreds of kits. I'll buy a kit at any price even if it takes a while to save, but only doing so knowing that i'm going to build it. But back to the OP, I agree, some kit prices are silly!
  22. Yeah I think I get that, so it's got to be wider\deeper so that it sticks out of the vacform. When I'm nearer the time John, i'll drop you an email as I was also going to ask about getting it vacformed
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