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  1. Bought a *rare* IMAI 1/144th resin Thunderbird 2.... not sure why, I wanted this years ago and missed out due to lack of funds, and didn't want to miss out on this one, I might keep it to have as a investment, or might just build it. Who knows... Quite excited though.
  2. "The Lancaster is, by far, my favourite WWII heavy and I'll wait as long as it takes to get my paws on one." "Trying to decide if I should do the responsible thing and save the funds for the eventual release of this kit or spend it on all the other wonderful kits out there (the more likely scenario)!" So, save the funds and don't buy anything else with that money.....
  3. Best way, it's what I do... if I don't think it looks right, make it again/adjust it. Life is far to short to be getting every tiny detail done to the exact measurement. Keep up the good work Oliver.
  4. Fibreglass fuselage, wings and tailplanes.. the rest, cockpit, undercarriage, engines, pylons, details etc all injected. If you like love Russian/Soviet types like me, Modelsvit are worth looking into. Sadly, only 1/72nd and some 1/48th for now.
  5. The An-124 arrived and my god it's BIG! 1/72nd scale An-124 - Modelsvit. by Radleigh Bushell, on Flickr
  6. Thanks for the reply Kev, there was one other question I was going to ask but forgot at the time and I can't see it mentioned else where... Are these books just going to be LSP based models? Or will it be spread out between other scales, 1/144th, 1/72nd etc...
  7. He's not called "The Dude" for no reason....
  8. This is a nice one.. the Tigers on the tail would be some decal though! Photo by me.
  9. Not an SMT, it's Polish... and they don't have them.
  10. As said, good luck with it Kev. Will this be the type of e-Book where modellers will submit model builds, or will it be just the three of you doing the work? Either way, Looking forward to it.
  11. We need a 1/32nd scale Yak-18, Yak-18T, Yak-50, Yak-52 & Yak-53..
  12. So, this should be a breeze if that's anything to go by But in all seriousness, it's going to be a massive challenge and I'm really looking forward to it. Many thanks for all the likes and comments
  13. Yes, me... in September this year, me and my wife Jen will be parents after 7 years of being together. I've not much else to say, apart from where do I get a user manual or a guide to being a dad....
  14. Been working on the Blackjack again, getting it all ready for paint. Also, another project is the Amodel IL-20M. Big kits as you can see from the box it's sat on..
  15. As per my post in the 'Make The Others Jealous' thread, I love my Russian stuff and the bigger the better for me. I bought this off a friend some time a go part started and have since been cracking on... it's massive in 1/72nd scale. The wingspan as per photo is 30" wide, length is 30" too.. I decided a few weeks back to box up some projects so I can get on with what I love most. Sadly also the 1/24th Buccaneer is on hold, as I found out I've lost/misplaced the large etch fret, which I'm gutted about. I may have lost it in a house move, or it may just be in a model box as the Bucc box is quite flimsy... so who knows, but that's one model I really want to get on with but every time I start, something gets in the way. Getting back to the Blackjack, the undercarriage is missing pieces so I'm having to fabricate my own parts. I will post photos up once it's all done. But I primed the wings last night, gave the fuselage a good rub down as it had been stored for a while and had marks on it, will prime that today to see where I am.. then I will need to buy gallon of white.
  16. I've only ever seen one built, they are massive....! Untitled by Radleigh Bushell, on Flickr
  17. Another non-LSP kit for me, but it sure is LARGE! I love my Russian stuff, so now I have all the big Russians I want, the An-22, IL-76, IL-86 and this the An-124. God help me if and when we get a An-225!
  18. I'm still saving for their Mossie....
  19. What's the chances of this being at Telford? I'd love to see it in person.
  20. I saw this in Malta last year.... great build, I can't wait to see it finished!
  21. Radders

    HPH Tigercat ?

    I bought the 'Tigger' vac recently last year, and I'm going to make up the fuselage to use it so I can make a master tank for a fire bomber version, then get the tank cast and used on the HpH kit...
  22. That jig is better than my models and there are no words from me about the Fw-190, just amazing that's all!!
  23. So after putting this up in the 'make others jealous' thread, it's here in non-LSP works, a shame it's not 1/32nd though?! For those that don't know, a modeller friend has given me this as he simply isn't going to finish it off, I was after a conversion and he had this part built, so after talking about it (me not knowing he had one) he brought it up that he had one and then he kindly gave me it too at the next club meeting, not wanting a penny! It's been stored somewhere between 15-20 years up in a loft and it's showing signs of being stored too, but I'm not bothered it's all easy stuff to fix, a few cracks, a wonky tail (maybe due to heat in the summer?), missing cowling flaps (have since fell off since I've had it, so I'm guessing they were knocked/caught at some point). Then the obvious, it needs a good rub down and paint along with clear parts, undercarriage, props, guns/turrets, few small details and decals. Easy eh...? We'll see. Here's some photos in the mean time as I'm away till Friday, then it's time to clear some projects off the bench to get this done and dusted.
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