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  1. The RF is long overdue....I'm in for 3 right off the bat! Alabama Air Guard markings...one NMF & one SEA livery....of course, one for the stash....;)
  2. Excellent review Kevin!.....was on the fence, but seeing the pix and your text pushed me over the edge...."ensconced"...good word.... The HK Mossie.....the KH P-39, Kingfisher & the RF-84....there goes the kit budget for 2015....no wait, I'm single....can spend as much as I want! BTW...any release dates on the P-39/Kingfisher & RF-84 yet?.....safe bet the Mossie will be in the states fairly shortly.... Cheers, Jim
  3. Oh man....HATE that for you!....
  4. Scored the KH Saber Dog & figure to offer a few observations. The box seems small for a 32nd jet, but is well packed with no wasted space. The superb clear parts are boxed separately, always a nice touch to prevent chaffing during shipment. I took the 'ol Exacto to a couple of the sprues to check the quality of the plastic...very high quality that cuts easily, but not too easily. The instructions are pretty well done & they include the profiles for the multiple options for markings. Speaking of which, numerous choices are available, to include JAF & ROKAF, along with USAF. I expe
  5. Have one WIP now....certainly an 'A' team kit....fits very well & very nice detail....AMS tyres & FOD covers, plus AM decals helped with an already good kit. Yeah, a bit pricey, but..... Pix over on FB...Intruder Modeling & 32nd Scale pages..... Happy modeling, Jim
  6. Major thanks to Harold for posting up the pix.....current 'puter doesn't play well with Photobucket. The Trump F-100 is one of their better offerings & a good build right out of the box....but what fun would that be?... Using MM enamels throughout.....cockpit painted with thinned 'Aircraft Interior Black' applied several times being allowed to fully dry between coats. Cockpit is a combination of kit & resin parts....seat is one of Harold's creations, as is the cockpit tub & wheels...same goes for the red resin FOD cover I'll be using. Pre-shading done with extremely thinned g
  7. Just helping out where I can..... And these wheels are outstanding, of course.....! Cheers, Jim
  8. I'd like one to reduce the chance of not only removing too much material, but to also insure an accurate 90 degree surface.... Cheers, Jim
  9. Let us know what you find out.... Thanks! Jim
  10. This is great! Anyone in the US carry it, perhaps? Cheers, Jim
  11. Ala Air Guard...yes! Have an original "Dixie Demolition" sliver/black patch that would look nice displayed with the bird... Cheers, Jim
  12. Hey Bill.....Ho Chi Minh City is the former Saigon, capital of what was once South Vietnam.....DaNang is located in what was once referred to as "I Corp". adjacent to the DMZ/17th Paralell...on the coast of the South China Sea.... HTH, Jim
  13. Thanks Ron! Looks like that'll be the best way to score some 32nd F-100 resin wheels when they release them.... Cheers, Jim
  14. Anyone know of a retailer for Mastercasters here in CONUS? Checked all the usual sites, but no luck.... TIA, Jim
  15. Excellent video, but that's not the DaNang I rememeber.....and a 32nd would be awesome! Cheers, Jim
  16. Looks like another kit I can't afford, but will have.... Any release date rumor yet? Cheers, Jim
  17. Glad that Sprue carries True Detail.....ordered 3 canopy masks from Hannants, & after the exchange rate was applied, my card was charged $110 USD.... Certainly NOT Hannants fault in any way at all, but sure was a shocker....! This looks great!....will keep an eye out on this side of the pond for it....thanks for the heads-up! Cheers, Jim
  18. Holding out for a "B" from either ZM or Tamiya.... Cheers, Jim
  19. Donate to the local Boy Scouts to help them with their aviation merit badges... HTH, Jim
  20. Stunning! Amazing workmanship there.....really like the base detail as well...... Cheers, Jim
  21. Thanks Sharkmouth! Think I'll hold off my Huey builds for a while.....safe bet their 'Nam era stuff will be the same high quality..... Cheers, Jim
  22. Look amazing! But nothing for the Huey...? Cheers, Jim
  23. Always glad to help....! Cheers, Jim
  24. In 2 weeks, there'll be resin wheels at Sprue Bros for the 32nd Trump A-6....I've seen the finished product with my own four eyes (six if you count the OptiVisor) and these are magnificent! For those of us that aren't fans of the vinyl tires, these will easily solve that problem & really set off your build! Casting plugs appear to be easily removed & ready to lightly sand to replicate weight on the tire. Brake calipers are faithfully reproduced as is the in-line tread pattern. Main wheels & nose wheels will be included in the set....price will be around a paltry $20....more than a
  25. Cool beans!....I like surprises! Jim
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