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  1. I learned the hard way that hanging on old out of production kits, like Matchbox and Scratchbuilders for profit loose value when newer versions arrive. I have a Lysander which I do want to build. Since the decals are so old, make sure you coat them before you dip them in water.
  2. You are right but it was still considered Detroit, like The main airport being called the Detroit Metropolitan Airport Near Willow Run. My dad broadcast the Weather on the Marshall Well’s Morning Farm Report on WJR Detroit radio from there. I didn’t print what was on the plane.
  3. I found a photo of a SPA 48 Xlll #7, but it matches the decal instructions but not the decal sheet, in that the #7 is more stylish on the photograph.
  4. Yet the decal sheet says SPAD Xlll. I have both the Roden Vll and Hobbycraft Xlll. I took the rudders from the models and the Vll matched perfectly with the decals. I really didn’t have to knowing that the SPAD Vll is straight on the trailing edge and the Xlll is curved, but the models were easy to get to. As far as the Revell, mine was a separate kit with the late wing, matching my Frank Luke offering. The kit box and instructions showed the late five color camo. I went into the Army and by the time I got out, my mom cleared out my room, tossed out my built kits and donated my stash to Good Will. I really didn’t mind, because all I really wanted was the Frank Luke SPAD which at that time was still in production. I couldn’t find the SPA 48 plane, so never built one. I have a bunch of SPAD Vll and Xlll decals from many Companies including Pheon. The SPADs are my all time favorites, so I probably have around a dozen or so of Villa and Xllls, all 1/32. I have one of each of all the WnWs planes except the seaplanes, and the Roden, Hobbycraft, a couple Battle Axe, and Linburg (mostly Nieuport 17s I do have one of their Camels but have the mod to change it into a Sopwith Sarrow, which contains a wing to replace the Camel’s wings).
  5. I was thinking of making my sole RE.8 into a Belgium plane, but now I can have a British and Belgium type.
  6. I remember years ago that Revell released a 1/28 SPA 48 SPAD Xlll. I think that there was only the crowing rooster but nothing else. I’m probably going to go with the SPAD Vll, so I don’t have to bother with rounding wingtips.
  7. According to Wiccipedia, SPA 48 didn’t use the SPAD Xlll. But I don’t find Wiccipedia all that reliable.
  8. The S 1215 is printed right on a SPAD Xlll shaped rudder. de Turenne’s plane has no serial numbers.
  9. In the book “French Aircraft of the First World War also shows the circle with the girl on the port side of the SPAD Vll whereas the SPAD Xlll instructions show the girl on the starboard side. The decals also has serial #1893. The other option is Capitaine A. de Turrenne. Is this a Xlll or a Vll? They are both shown as the early rounded wingtip beige versions in the instructions of the Xlll.
  10. Then why did I see Built at Willow Run Detroit Michigan before it was painted out after I mentioned it.
  11. Google Musee de Millitare, Brussels Belgium. I could be wrong, but I thought I saw one hanging from the ceiling.
  12. I have a decal sheet for two SPA 48 SPAD Xllls yet I have a book on WW1 aircraft that shows a colour picture of Adjudant Jacques Rogues’ SPAD Vll with the exact markings as the Xlll including the same number on the rudder. So which is right, the book or what is printed on the decal instructions?
  13. They finally turned Willow Run into an airport when I was about ten. I really miss flying the old 24. Talking about the H model, I don’t believe the history of the last flying 24 as they describe it. I remember seeing it a few years ago and in small letters on the port nose it said built at Willow Run, Detroit Michigan, which only built the H model. Since the original Witchcraft .was a J Model, it couldn’t have been built there. I saw it again this year and those letters had been removed. I do not believe that this is the original Witchcraft.
  14. This was after the War. My dad worked at Willow Run where B24s we’re still being made, and I often flew in them. So they were not only still being produced, they were being flown. Maybe it was for export, I don’t know.
  15. I was a starboard waist gunner on an H model. The Bombay doors were always kept open until well after takeoff because of fuel vapors. Many a 24 exploded because of this. Also the springs for the nose gear were so week that the bombardier had to be careful not to lean back too far so as to not fall out of the plane. Don’t put too many fuel streaks on the plane. The ground crews were so meticulous and proud, they took care of any oil leaks.
  16. I have both large books, “The Belgium Air Service of World War l” and “French Aircraft of the First World War” and realize that of the hundreds of French types including fighters, there existed eleven different types of 1/32nd models that include one two seater, the Salmson, two SPAD fighters of which one is discontinued, and the rest Nieuport fighters. This is very disappointing to me, especially when all anyone seems to want are Fokker Dr.1s.
  17. Pheon is releasing a whole bunch of Dr1 decals. As far as the “million interesting Dr.1 schemes out there”, Fokker only built 320.
  18. I say the remainder of the Fok D.Vll and the Camels.
  19. I truly wish it was none. Since WnWs now sell distribute to shops worldwide, there is no reason for limited runs, especially with Pheon making decals for planes no longer in production.
  20. Two important things: get blue prints, (easily available) and since the wood warps easily, make sure you polyurethane the model. I built the SE.5 and within months my tail section twisted until the stabilizer touched the ground.
  21. Maybe not Wingnut Wings, but there is hope that Copper State Models might release a Dr.1 that would match WnWs.
  22. And be sold out or out of production before you could blink an eye.
  23. I really don’t want to go larger than my Gotha. No 400s, Zeppelin Staakens, or Felixstowes for me, Thank you.
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