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  1. Maybe Pheon Decals knew of the release which is why they are planning to release a set of more than 200 Dr1 decals.
  2. The BR.1 Camel IS the chase plane and Brown’s last combat plane. As a duelist, it doesn’t make sense, since Brow really fires out of range and desperation to save his friend. The Baron never even reacted to Brown’s attack, having been mortally injured by the Aussie gunner.
  3. It was the FAA that put the brakes on the flying car, not the manufacturer.
  4. Just use Elmer’s glue all for the kit clear parts. When the correct parts are available, use water to remove the old, making it easier to replace.
  5. A few years ago I saw and flew in the last flying B-24. On the side of the port fuselage it said, “Made at Willow Run Detroit Michigan”. This would make it a B-24 H. But last year, I again saw the same B-24, but the Willow Run inscription was missing and the owners insisted this was the original Witchcraft which was a B-24J. Since I’d like to make a 1/32 scale of it, what really is this plane? If it isn’t the original Witchcraft, what was it originally? When I flew in it it definitely was an H, which means it wasn’t the original Witchcraft. I want a model of the plane I flew in.
  6. Whether odd or even serial numbers determined whether the paint outside the masks were painted light or dark. Spits were always factory or repair depot painted, whereas Hurricanes were repaired and repainted by the Squadron mechanics. Also dirt had a lot to do with aircraft of any Squadron looking different in a photo, even if they all were painted the same.
  7. Oops, that X on my key pad is actually the one at fault.
  8. Talking about empty promises, what ever happened to Trumpeter’s promise to release all of the Century Series of jets at least a decade ago, this also included the Voodoo, which anyone living in the 50’s fell in love with, and it wasn’t just the name. It was a beautiful jet flying over, or just sitting on the ground.
  9. I’m hoping for a Duelist B36 and Turpolev TU95, LoL! Actually, I’ve never seen anything more beautiful than a F4J Phantom ll next to a F14A Tomcat, both done in the gull gray tops and white undersides or a F101A Voodoo next to a F104C Starfighter, both in shinny bare metal.
  10. Especially if they allow the engine louvers to have replacement screens.
  11. There are an awful lot of WWl planes. I’d say at the rate WnWs is going, it’ll take about 30 years.
  12. Actually Roden has only a SPAD XVll. I’d like to see some of the others, like the SPAD Xl, Xll, and Xlll, although the HC Xlll is still available on Evilbay.
  13. So WnWs is going to release two Dr-1s I bet they go away at a blink of an eye.
  14. Unlike the F-4 Phantoms that required understores for stability, F-14s flew fine with no understores.
  15. I’m making my own. I go to the Musee de Militaire in Brussels every year.
  16. Not a Albatros D.1 but a D2. The wing is too close to the fuselage for a D.1.
  17. They both have been favorites of mine since the sixties. I had the 1/48 Aurora Halberstadt and a 1/72 RE8. I once read that pilots of the RE8 were told that if you turned to port that the engine would catch fire, but if you turned to starboard, you go into an unrecoverable spin. Of course neither was true, but it was funny. I’m also getting both. I have extra decals for the splatter finish on the CL2, and the RE8 is going to receive Belgium markings.
  18. I can’t imagine it not being available.
  19. WnWs has a Harry Tate /Halberstadt duelist set.
  20. Navy Liberator and Focke Wolf Condor duelist.
  21. One of those weird four engine Bleriot bombers.
  22. You take a dremel and cut the clothes hanger on the side near the end so you can grab a line from the side of the hanger to pull the line towards you through the other rigging until you can easily grab it. On another piece of clothes hanger, cut a V on the end. This will be used to push a line through. I also work on 1/48 sailing ships of the late 18th Century and early 19th Century. I find rigging tools essential. I also rummaged through my ship tool box to help rig my FE-2. They were invaluable. I’m still looking for a 1/32 canary. I heard that riggers put one between the rigging. If the canary managed to escape, it meant that a wire broke or came off. If you look at the beautiful planes that Richard Alexander built on the WnWs site, you will notice that he doesn’t use turnbuckles.
  23. Either use model ship rigging tool or cut up some wire clothes hangers a put slots in them with a Dremel. These are especially handy when rigging a Gotha or an FE-2. As far as turn buckles, I find the current ones in production more like 1/24 instead of 1/32. I find a dab of paint works for me. I have seen real WW1 planes and the turnbuckles really don’t stick out that much.
  24. I never would have guessed WnWs would come out with two versions of a G-1. it’s amazing when you think that the first two production contracts for the G-1 were classified as fighters, it wasn’t until the release of the Eindecker 1 that the Germans decided to take this slow ineffective fighter and do something else to it like adding bombs. I probably won’t get one, but it is a nice looking plane, I guess????!!!???
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