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  1. Funny that I still love the Big T, even if it really has no comparison to the Pocher cars and the DeAgostini Cobra that I have.
  2. You know your getting old when you decide to go into the past and build a model like you got for Christmas as a teen, but you grew up. I got a Monogram Big T, but for kicks got some CA plates. Being in my seventies, knew a change had to be made to put the plates on the car. I made sure it had mufflers otherwise the State wouldn’t have allowed the car to be registered.
  3. The seats will be too small, possibly 1/35th scale.
  4. So are an Albatros B-ll, an AMC DH-9, and a Rumpler C-lV worth a roll of toilet paper?
  5. You never know where rumors come from and are often surprised when they come true. The voices in my head told me that Revell is going to offer to buy WnW’s dies.
  6. That was quick. Last night they were still listing Albatroses and Pfalz kits.
  7. Hannants and Sprue Brothers still have Albatroses. I was able to get my Dolphin from Sprue Bros and my RE-8/ CLll from Hannants. I wanted another RE-8 because I had gotten the Pheon Belgium markings for one. I do have another one in my stash, but I do also want one with British markings. I guess this is a blessing in disguise, since I no longer have to find room for an 0/100 or an 0/400.
  8. I just got a bidet, so my WnWs stash is safe.
  9. They seemed to have been going strong. I have a gut feeling that the virus affected the production factory that I heard was in China, although I could be wrong. At least I have what I wanted from them that they actually produced. I can only hope someone else produces the multi-seat planes that they didn’t produce.
  10. I’d love a 1/32 P-38 E or F.
  11. It was a Paragon Resin set to convert a Revell B-lV to a FB-lV. Grey Matter Figures has taken over the Paragon Mod but doesn’t include the canopy. Sometimes you can find the Tamiya clear parts spruce on EBay. You
  12. I have the decals and can print out the instructions.
  13. I’m tired of the news after having been quarantined for two weeks and bed ridden for three due to a foot infection.
  14. A Frank would be more competitive at Reno. Talking about the old Aurora Zero, they were the first Zeros on the US market and we all thought all Zeros were yellow with red noses like Me109s were burgundy.
  15. The French use regular numbers. Look at the decals that say NIE 17.
  16. I saw a BF108 at the Musee de Militaire in Brussels. It’s a beautiful plane and much smaller than I expected, having only seen photos.
  17. I need as many Nieuports I can get to use up my old American/Gryphon escadrille N3 Storks.
  18. I am building a respectable French force. It’d be nice to have more French two seaters and bombers. I have this huge book on the French Airforce Of WWl, and what models I do have only take up about a dozen pages of this book. I appreciate the two Salmson kits, and the Morane Saulnier, and I love Nieuports and SPADs. We even lost the only Company making the only SPAD Xlll, but the French Airforce was so much more, but looking at my shelves, you wouldn’t think so.
  19. I like the Bebe and will get all that CSM produces to go with all my Hobbycraft and Roden models.
  20. I’m still waiting and not seeing the rest of the Century Series promised by Trumpeter. Apparently Trumpeter’s promises mean nothing.
  21. The previous comments prove how much of a gap exists in Japanese aircraft being produced besides fighters, which is strange considering the Japanese aircraft being produced are all being produced by Japanese companies.
  22. Maybe we can get a Sieran and a 1/32 I class Submarine to go with it.
  23. Funny how so many people weren’t satisfied with only one company producing a Fokker Dr1, and WnWs producing or going to produce very obscure fighters, yet the most popular French fighter, SPAD Xlll has only been produced in 1/32 scale by one company now out of business. Even so, that model had no engine compartment, making it difficult to leave the louvers off, as often was done in WWl.
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