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  1. Absolutely Superb. Love it mate. You've done a wonderful job on an already gorgeous fighter
  2. Pity. His stuff was brilliant
  3. Let me know if he does, as I chased him for some a fair while ago & think he wasn't doing anymore at that time. That was a long time ago now though, so hopefully he's doing some again
  4. Ericg mate. They were awesome
  5. Beautiful fine points which are perfect for cockpit buttons & knobs
  6. Fellas, I bought the PC-1MR pens. Work beautifully & so easy to use
  7. poscart.com.au Kev. & believe it or not heaps cheaper than on ebay.
  8. After reading some of the tips here, I found a stockist here in Australia for the Posca Paint Pens & bought 8 colours. After trying them I will never look back. Absolutely perfect for cockpit fine details........so thank you so much for the tip
  9. Just beautiful. Should be more Mirage's on here.
  10. I'll wait as long as it takes for one of these. My favourite of all the Phantoms
  11. Can't wait for this to be available in Australia
  12. Same for me. I have it also and it's a green plastic
  13. You've just made me very happy seeing this
  14. Hopefully this means we'll have some Mirage parts soon?
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