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  1. I think the canopy issue has been done to death and the Hasegawa windshield is to narrow. Take the time to look at the images posted here some time ago directly comparing them to the real aircraft and its as plain as day. Both kits are technically incorrect. Trump got the width right and framing wrong the Hasegawa kit is reversed to narrow but correct framing. Seriously if people are going to complain about the Trump P-47 fuselage i think we all should give up. Its about as good a kit you will ever get and if 0.75mm disturbs someone that badly then we are all destined for a life of forums
  2. Any sign of these yet? Also yes how long will they be?
  3. Something no one with the kit has mentioned. It is one of the most complex builds ive seen. The quality involved in the components and there are lots of them in the deployed flap and wingfold option must be seen. I can easily see why there are no options in this one or magnets the engineering in the complexity of showing faithfully the flap and wing of the Corsair is truly gorgeous. No kit has got within a country mile of this level of sophisticated tooling to really show how a Corsair works. Gun bays will be difficult to install with the spar to consider. This kit is every bit as good a
  4. Picked my first one up yesterday. What a beautiful example of the art of model making. A lot more in the kit than i was expecting. Two sets of rear glass one for canopy open one closed etc. Typical of he recent gen Tamiya 32nd stuff. Oh the box is packed. Think this one will be a great platform for some amazing weathering of Guadalcanal Marine birds.
  5. Im not that taken to tell you the truth being far more interested in the JU-88A4. Having lots of G-6's in the stash most of which have spinners etc whats the point in buying a new G6 when i have a boatload of lovely Hasegawa ones with corrections ready to go. To top it off instead of dealing with visual issues in gear bays we get to sort out highly seams right on the center of the wing. Much more looking forward to a K-4 from Revell than the G-6 variant.
  6. Darren Howie

    MDC and VAT..

    Gday Just wondering if you deduct VAT from foreign purchases? Tried putting a few figures in the cart but when i listed the shipping destination as Australa the prices didnt change. Is this implemented automatically?
  7. Anyone else notice in ther 219 that the engines have full interior detailing. Im talking pistons,crankshafts etc etc. Utterley amazing. H lve the instructions which highlight generators starter motors etc. Great documentation..
  8. Great build David! Enjoying reading your build in the concept note book. Picked mine up in Osaka a few days ago what a beautiful kit. Love your paintwork i think aviation modellers have a lot to be gained from armor techniques for great weathered finishes! Beautiful..
  9. Hi Ads Quite easy. There is a misguided opinion that the latest release Revell kits are golden. If anything it seems Revell's current track record is worse than Trumpeters yet on the forums on boards they are viewed as great value. Yet they have more flaws than you can point a stick at. Yet when a manufacturer who takes A)) the time to get it right listens to accuracy problems from modellers and corrects issues They should be praised. As i said in my first post the Revell kit can be built into a nice kit. Iain's and Brett Greens builds are perfect examples both lovely models. But its
  10. Agree Royboy its a great time for modelling. I cant wait to get an A-6! As proven by numerous guys a nice looking 219 can be gotten out of the Revell kit. However it isnt accurate in fact its far from accurate. Not to mention the fact that if the very same plastic had arrived from a certain Chinese manufacturer it would of been shredded on forums. Yet it wasn't as somehow Revell seem to have a teflon coating. Kits with problems..219,HE-111,Halifax,109(its not even out yet and people are complaining about engineering decisions). Not ideal but in some parts of the world(definitely not ALL
  11. Hi Ron No idea can you get it via Volks USA?
  12. Direct from the Volks store in Osaka with a 219. If anyone in OZ wants a cheap Revell one i have two going as of right now. The Zoukie kit after the letdown that the Revell one is with its inaccurate here we go(Props,nacelles/incorrect shape,landing gear/unloaded,squashed fuselage/almost square not thin and slender,canopy/squashed, not sure if i have forgotten any but the list is huge) looks like a true blinder. The box is packed with enough sprues of very nicely molded components. With over 60 parts each engine is a kit in its own right and no need for resin here. Full gun bays from
  13. count me in for a pile..with a gunship B-25 and a Fortress i think about 20 will be order..great work!
  14. Looking at the Sprues it is a huge kit with a heap of plastic and beautiful surface detail..best ive seen other than the Tamiya Spit and Mustang. Looks great..
  15. Nice review thanks for the effort. In short by swapping around the front glazings do you think you coukd get be judicious masking a good represenation of the MG FF or MG15 noses? From your comments i gather they are reversed could you unreverse them without huge difficulty?
  16. Well if Academy released a fleet of F-4's based off thec48th kit and idnt take half a lifetime to release them id buy all of them. Count me in Academy no where is my 32nd F-4B!
  17. Then wait for ZM kit, the Revell kit although a nice build and looking a lot like a 219 from an accuracy front has lots of problems.
  18. Great price in the US but another example of the rest of the world getting gouged to subsidized the US price.. 60 £ at Hannants will be well over 100 Aussie here probably around 125 so almost double plus. With the superb new B-17G coming i know where my cash is going and it wont be to help keep prices cheaper in the States! :-) Say hello to Hong Kong little dollars! Oh have they fixed the oversize front blister??
  19. 15 times??Wakey wakey the Tamiya Spit and Mustang are around twice the price of Hasegawa and if the Revell 109 arrives at expected price point again about double here. So what do you get for double the price? Beautiful engineering,accuracy Revell can dream about obtaining in about 100 years and fit that is unmatched by any manufacturer WW included. At the moment at least the Hasegawa kit is not full of joins but clicks together. Looking at Bretts 109 there is filler required on almost all the panel lines on the nose plus a very tricky one right across the upper surface of the wing. Based
  20. Cant believe Revell buggered the bulges. Not only that but people complain about Hasegawa's or Eduards over engineering my god this 109 is 4 times more over engineered than a Hasegawa Kittyhawk. Filler lines all around the nose and right across a clean wing, I mean they problems on the recent releases yet are greeted with fandom as they are cheap. If it was Chinese it would be slammed on every forum as Being garbage and poorly researched and designed. They had the chance to do the ultimate 109 G6 the good news is the door is left wide open for Mr Tamiya to stroll on in and take the prize.
  21. That is a gorgeous build. Love to see more pics and info on your weathering and finishing! Superb!
  22. And there in lay the lesson. To every rule there is an exception..so when you go and tell everyone you know everything guess what?? You dont..
  23. Agree after the 219 which although a nice model is full of accuracy problems im hoping the 109 series is good. So far it seems a good start hoping it all shapes out well!
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