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  1. Images are gone is there anywhere to see them?
  2. How many guys have the print?? I have one..beautiful work by John Shaw.. Looking forward to following your progress..
  3. Dont bother comparing it to he Revell kit as it has big issues if not bigger. Good accurate plans but no idea where to start trying to find them!
  4. What a great build! I think you must of gone cross eyed masking that!! Superb..
  5. Anyone have a link for the best and easiest place to order schatton?
  6. I hope Revell can get there QC issues under control. With tooling and accuracy issues on the 219 which is very unRevell like hopefully short shots and misaligned parts wont be an ever present feature from now on..
  7. Yep i think everyone has learnt a lot in the thread. Its interesting that the Revell kit when finished does look good. Yet it does seem to have some pretty glaring shape and dimensional issues with the front fuselage. Great thread and some stellar input and its great ZM listen to good information in the developement. Great stuff..
  8. One wing folded saves space and shows the wingfold..
  9. The exhaust nozzle set looks like an Aires copy and most of the F-4B bits look like CE knock offs. Looks dodgy and not to mention he wont ship overseas. Looks dodgy to me love to hear otherwise...
  10. Grab the Modelart F-15J/DJ book. It points out the numerous differences between JASDF Eagles and American ones. There are many but mostly subtle ones many would never pick up. They are a great subject with the multitude of great schemes available and the book is well worth it!
  11. I think the tanks where redone in the Bunker buster kit from Tamiya. Anyone know how they compare?
  12. Great post. Like a few others i think Revell got most of the glass right but it is definitely broad and not tall enough. Not a fan of the ZM front canopy but like the nose better. I think whichever you build will end up looking good the Revell canopy issue will vanich with an open canopy anyway. Great info everyone. Ive got a couple of Revell kits and ill gab a ZM one as well. I think it will be a thousand times easier to detail engines pre molded to fit the wings than battling for hours trying to fit after market resin into an already huge project. Enjoy..
  13. The Modlart Nightfighter special has diagrams with the fuel ank layout indicating a 69L oil tank and a 17L de-ice tank installed in the nacelle. It doesn't indicate when or if that changed in the production run. From the diagrams it's pretty clear the if craft had 2-3 degrees maybe more angle of incidence. Confirmed that through at least two sets of plans offering wing section profiles. Looking at wing tips it would also make sense if the wing has washout built in as the wingtip is pretty flat so you should have more incidence at the root. The thrust lines look parallel to the fuselage meaning the cowls should have an angle between the chord and the thrust line. Playing with the plastic it looks fine to me they got the cowl pretty right it's not supposed to be parallel to the wing chord line. Still browsing he rest of my book collection for nacelle info..very cool topic! From further reading the Remp book lists a 390L tank in the rear of the nacelle on the A-5. From the drawings I've seen the wing looks fine. The nacelle questions continue about changes in the models..
  14. Great start mate..superb work on your gear bays and the doors. Beautiful!
  15. Agree both of those books are superb. Defenders of Nippon has hundreds of side profiles with hundreds of very cool schemes. The Modelart book simply superb best F-4EJ book ever.. Most western profile books omit the numerous small changes in JASDF aircraft but these Model art books focus only on Japanese subtypes. If you like JASDF's hundreds of great paint schemes get the lot they are indispensable and have all you will need for a world of awesomely painted modern aircraft!
  16. The ZM TA is about to be re-popped just build one and buy a new one!
  17. The EJ has two versions the base EJ and the later modified Kai. If your doing the Zotz aircraft it's a Kai and several things changed other than the tail pods and wing tips. Cockpit was changed away from the E with a new coaming lightning conductors on the radome plus lots of others. Highly recommend the Modelart profile book with stacks of information and best single source for JASDF Phantoms. Wolfpack I think still do a 32nd Kai conversion. Grab it as it has everything and combined with a Black box set modified by WP bits you are set.
  18. Anybody message her to enlighten her in her ways?
  19. Can highly recommend Nick Millmans guide on Zero colors. Downloadable for a small fee from his site. Superb information and a great history on the development in Zero painting as we know it today. Covers outside and inside. Best single reference I've found bar none on Zero colors the effect of sunlight etc and weathering. Very very cool..
  20. Nice work Gunner! Oh they are called cowl flaps.. The term gills is misguidedly been labeled by numerous modellers in articles and to top it off the Valiant book by Franks. Great work on the cad probably one of the few parts not sparkling with detail in the kit. Nice!
  21. The detail in the Aires set is beautiful. The one I'm working on fitted perfectly into the fuse section. I'm sure there would be some variation but the one I have required no adjusting at all..best fit I've ever had from a resin cockpit..
  22. I'm not sure how guys get a released 2012 means by the 30th November. Being released and "in your hands" because you live SO far from the point of manufacturing is YOUR issue not Wingnuts. I'd imagine leek last year sometime in the first two weeks of December.. As for the Camel and DR1 I can't think of a single reason not to including Rodens and HC.. I've got a Roden one and the WW treatment would by fit alone be a big step up. Then throw in better research,better decals instructions that are a reference in there own right why would you say no?? Given every legendary kit they release would help fund one or two lesser known types everyone wins...
  23. If ever there was any evidence required that Hasegawa is a Japanese company tooling for the Japanese market the George is it. Large tooling investment yet very limited market outside the homeland. What about the Raiden same again.. They missed there chance to update the Mustang, lost the razorback to Trumpeter, Will they sit on there hands again..yep. Nice to see more widespread tooling than the mainstream and ill grab one like I did the Raiden. Now please do Tei version of the Tony!
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