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  1. I tend to avoid subjects that don't require weathering. It's one of those skills I would love to master... its the bit of the process that really brings modelling to life for me. I have to admit to be being a bit of a fan of pre-shading as a weathering technique but not the meticulous outlining of panel lines using black paint approach. To my eye that always results in a cartoon like effect. No matter how subtle the effect, if I can pick black preshaded panel lines the illusion is ruined for me. I like using a more random approach and pre-shading colours that compliment the range of to
  2. Nice save. That combination of gunze paints and future killed my Tamiya Viper ever since I've been using Tamiya clear as a gloss and have never looked back.
  3. This is one of the reasons I think QMHE needs the most straight forward of OOB rules. Every year at competitions, people argue about the interpretation of the rules for this category (or at least its immediate predecessor). I can tell you from experience at the scrutineering desk, that people have extremely strong views about how the rule is applied, I can also say it's rarely applied consistently which only serves to annoy competitors more. One person's minor modification is another's modification too far. I think the OOB rule should be "you can use the contents of a single box to build the m
  4. I've always thought this particular category needed to be scrapped in favour of a true Out of the Box category where you could build a kit using the contents of the box (regardless of the media included). Most modern kits include etch and in some cases resin... that we have this category dedicated to modelling the way it was done in 1982 beggars belief (at least IMO). I'd much rather see some of the excellent new kits that have been released entered in this category than encourage people to build second-rate older kits. Let's face it, high quality 1/32 kits are a recent phenomenon. I can't th
  5. Fair enough - I was looking at this one http://www.grubby-fingers-aircraft-illustration.com/images/Hawk_A27-28_20_med.jpg I take it the 16 painted practice bombs does mean you're going with the 4x CBLS load out... should look good.
  6. Looking forward to seeing it after the flat coat goes on. Personally, my least favourite part of the build process is this phase - the decalling/all shiny bit. A question: should the end of the front det cord be hidden by the framing. It may just be the angle of that one particular photo but it looks like the cord ends short of the frame (i.e. doesn't connect to anything).
  7. Mr Mottram has a photo of it with four CBLS and a gun pod - I imagine you've seen already seen it- all the evidence you need to load it with 4X CBLS and gun pack. I like the metalic blue on the missile too. http://motty.hobbyvista.com/Articles/Motty's-Hawk-A27-01-31-01.jpg
  8. There are a few photos around that show the CBLS on the outer stations and drop tanks on the inners, not sure whether the kit includes tanks.
  9. This may be the most remarkable build thread I've read, amazing... Fantastic work.
  10. Great threat, superb modelling , fantastic result... Almost impossible to beat a raspberry ripple
  11. Nice work. Sorry to see the flat rigging wire didn't work out...
  12. Fascinating thread, sorry joining the party late. I know Jammo Kiwi has been using stainless steel for his rigging for years and has a fairly tried and true technique for cutting it, if he hasn't already chimed in he might be of some assistance - if I recall correctly it involves measuring the span with steel dividers and making square cuts on a ceramic tile. Admittedly, when he described it he was still mainly working in 1/72... I see he's now a WNW fan. In any case his advice would probably be much the same as Radu's. I'm more a 1/48 builder myself and know from the Tamiya 1/48 Sword
  13. If the one with the spade end is designed to be inserted into the fuselage rather than recieve an RFC flat flying wire, does that mean none are suited to use with RB etch flying wires (I had hoped this was the purpose of the one with the spade end)? I was thinking RB etch would be the way to go with my SE5 as I prefer their appearance to elastic for RFC wires. .
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