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  1. Fantastic! Looks like I'll be making a WNW purchase in 2017 after all.
  2. Sharp looking pit Bill. Nice work!
  3. Thanks again everyone. I'll give your suggestions a try later tonight and report back.
  4. I need to blend in a raised plastic ridge with milliput and be able to separate the milliput part from the plastic area to further refine its shape once it dries. Does anyone know a way I can keep the milliput from sticking to the plastic? Thanks in advance.
  5. So, after gathering a few drawings from here and there for the HG II, I scaled up a set of plans to 32nd scale. From there I started working on nailing down the shape for the Hes 001 engine pods. I want to try my hand at having the forms laser cut out of plastic to use to make the skeleton of a scratch built engine pod. I will cast the completed pod in resin to give me the pair needed for this bird. Here is my first draft of the engine pods. Let me know what you think of the over all shape and if it needs any tweaking. Better to get it right now than have to go back and fix it later.
  6. I did up some drawings of the engine pod for a Heinkel Hirth Hes 001 engine as planned for use on a me 262 HG II. What do you think of the overall shape? Once I nail the shape down, my next plan is to have the sections laser cut out of plastic sheet to form the basis of a scratch built engine pod. Then I can resin cast a pair for my HG II build. How does it look guys?
  7. Hey Martin, how did you guys fair with the windstorm yesterday? Thanks for the info. The version you have in your post is actually the HG III type, not the HG II (see pic). Being that it falls into the Luft. '46 catagory, I feel that will give me a lot of freedom when it comes to some of the details that so often bog me down in endless research=getting nothing done. Here is the version I want to try my hand at:
  8. I've been looking there but so far, no luck.
  9. Looking fantastic. Glad to see this build is back!
  10. Yup. Only if I can get some decent plans though.
  11. I'm hoping to make a conversion for the 32nd Trumpeter kit to transform it from a standard Me 262 to the "what if" HG II version with a V tail. I've searched online, but so far have found little as far as drawings go. Does anyone know where I could find a set of plans for this swept wing bird? I'm looking for the proposed HG II version with the Hes 001 engines, swept back wings, low canopy and V tail.
  12. Ah. I thought it was the Hes engine. Thanks for straightening me out.
  13. Does anyone know of this engine being offered in 1/32 scale? I think the Revel He 162 kit comes with it, but is it possible to get the engine by itself? Does anyone have a spare engine sprue they would be interested in selling? Any other ideas? Thanks, Chuck.
  14. Dang, I can't believe I missed this years show! I guess I'll have to pay more attention next year when fall rolls around. Thanks for posting the pics. Some nice looking builds there.
  15. Love your work here! One question though. How do you paint the small stencils in the cockpit? You mentioned you use oils, but how do you get the straight text lines by the instrument panel switches and knobs?
  16. Looks great! Can't wait for more updates in this thread. Thanks for sharing.
  17. I'm sounding like a broken record here, but "WOW"!
  18. Thanks Rich. yet more great info from you which is greatly appreciated.
  19. Good point. I want to do a NMF early 50's bird, so it needs to be super smooth.
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