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  1. Very sharp as usual Wolf. Looking forward to further updates, Chuck.
  2. Thanks guys for the info. I though I was going to have to straighten the wire out, but it sounds like its going to be fine. Stay safe, Chuck.
  3. I have some .013” (.33mm) piano wire coming in the mail that I want to use to simulate push rods on a radial engine. The wire is made from spring steel but it comes in a roll which I believe imparts a bit of a curve to the wire when cut into short sections. Has anyone out there had success straightening piano wire? If so, can you share your technique? Thanks.
  4. Lookin good. Can’t wait for another update, Chuck.
  5. Fantastic! Thanks again and stay healthy, Chuck.
  6. One last question (sorry). What colour do you use to make the scratches? Thanks again, Chuck.
  7. A couple more questions if you don't mind. Do you use raw umber or burnt umber? Do you apply one of the oil colours over the entire seat/remove excess, then apply the other oil? Thanks again.
  8. Really love how you simulated the leather with the oils over an airbrushed tan. Did you use raw umber? Could you describe your technique a bit further? This has to be right up there as one of the best looking leathers I have seen! Chuck.
  9. Looking forward to this build. Thanks for posting.
  10. Sorry to hear about your Mom. I hope she makes a full recovery.
  11. Sorry to hear about your job but glad to see you back to posting on here. Looking forward to the next update (and welcome back!), Chuck.
  12. Looking great. Can't wait to see more, Chuck.
  13. Thanks for your hard work Kev. You helped make this website one of the best (if not THEE best) around. Chuck.
  14. Very cool. I'll be getting one down the road. Chuck.
  15. I think that would work. I am able to vacuum degauss and pressure cast, so I was thinking of doing the part standing up with the backing plate to cut down on the amount of material I would need to remove/sand off the back of the panel as compared to doing it laying down.
  16. No, your right. I'm just wanting to save time and sand paper by not having the backing thicker than it needs to be.
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